Cancel Your Westgate Time Share With These Tips

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How to Cancel Your Westgate Timeshare

It's frustratingly difficult to Timeshare companies use vague language in their contracts, and they're hard to get ahold of. Their employees rely on language barriers and clever sales tactics to draw in new customers who feel stuck with no idea how to get out of their timeshare and nowhere to turn for help.

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Canceling Your Timeshare During the Rescission Period

Every timeshare contract has a rescission period, or a period of time where the individual can terminate -- or "rescind" -- the contract without penalties. Westgate's rescission period varies, depending on your home state, and the contract's verbiage on the matter is intentionally vague.

Depending on your contract, you will have a number of days to cancel your timeshare without any problems. To cancel your Westgate contract during the rescission period, you need to do the following:

  • Write a letter of termination to Westgate Resorts
  • Specifically note that you wish to cancel your Westgate timeshare contract
  • Include the name of the property and your contract number
  • Sign and date your letter
  • Send your termination letter via certified mail before the rescission date
  • Make sure a signature is required

How to Cancel a Westgate Timeshare Contract by Yourself

There are a few ways to attempt to exit your Westgate timeshare contract yourself. Most require time and money, and none of them are guaranteed to work. Here are some strategies you can try on your own.

Contact the Westgate Legacy Program

The Westgate Legacy Program offers a few ways to potentially help clients who wish to cancel their timeshare contracts. You can contact the company directly to cancel your timeshare if you'd like to discuss one of the following three scenarios:

  1. Financial Hardship
  2. End of Lifecycle Scenarios
  3. Transfer Deed to a Family Member

If you try this approach, you'll need to call Westgate Resorts during regular business hours. Expect to be on hold for an extended period of time as well, since canceling your contract is very low on the company's list of priorities. Additionally, you'll need to present extensive proof in order for the company to help.

The Westgate Legacy Program may seem like a way out, but it's not that cut and dry. The company requires detailed evidence that you are financially strapped and cannot pay. Westgate Resorts clearly states that they will not help anyone who has ever been late or missed a payment. If you've paid your monthly fee on time every month, you can attempt to receive their help.

Sell Your Timeshare

As a Westgate timeshare owner, you can try selling your timeshare to a new owner. Westgate Resorts does not offer a buyback program, and they will not help you sell your property in any way. To sell your timeshare, you would need to hire a real estate agent and hope that someone would be interested in purchasing it. It is very difficult to sell a timeshare since most people are looking for ways to cancel their contracts.

Hire an Exit Company

If you go this route, the exit company will help you to successfully cancel your Westgate timeshare. Unfortunately, they'll also expect you to pay them thousands of dollars in fees.

Stop Paying Your Monthly Fees

If you stop paying your monthly fees, your timeshare will go into foreclosure. Just like if you stopped paying your mortgage, your credit score will suffer tremendously.

How to Cancel a Westgate Timeshare Using DoNotPay

If you want to avoid spending hours on the phone and thousands of dollars in fees, DoNotPay can help. To , follow these easy steps:

  1. Download and sign into the DoNotPay app.
  2. Fill out your personal information.
  3. Upload the timeshare contract information.
  4. Submit to DoNotPay.

That's it! The DoNotPay robot will work on your behalf to cancel your Westgate timeshare contract. When the process is complete, you 'll receive an email from DoNotPay, confirming that you're finally free.

DoNotPay is a unique resource that can handle all kinds of timeshare headaches. Here are a few of the things we do:

How to cancel your timeshare agreement using DoNotPay:

If you want to cancel your timeshare agreement but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered. Create your own cancellation letter in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search "Cancel Timeshare Agreement" on DoNotPay.

  2. Tell us about the timeshare company, the contract name and number, the purchase date, and other details of your agreement.

  3. DoNotPay will generate a cancellation request letter on your behalf, leveraging all of the negotiation tactics mentioned above.

With over 400,000 timeshare owners, Westgate Resorts has a booming business. Don 't waste your money paying for a timeshare that you no longer want.

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