How to Find Free Dental Clinics in Philadelphia the Easy Way

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How to Find Free Dental Clinics in Philadelphia

Dental care is a necessity, and yet so few people actually receive the routine cleanings they need. The hefty price is one culprit for this. However, there are residents can utilize.

Use DoNotPay to help you find free or affordable solutions for the dental work you need. It will save you money and help you find options when you're in a bind.

Who Is Eligible for Free Dental Care?

Free dental care isn't available to everyone. If your income surpasses the designated amount, you'll need to pay at a regular clinic. If you meet the low-income threshold, however, then you should be able to qualify for free or low-cost services. You may also qualify if you:

  1. Have no dental insurance
  2. Are on a state-based insurance plan, such as Medicaid
  3. Are a veteran
  4. Are a senior

Obtaining Free or Low-Cost Dental Services in Philadelphia

Philadelphians can find low-cost or free dental services from at least 5 different locations.

Philadelphia Dentistry215-712-8580Can message on Facebook1601 Walnut St

Suite #1302

Philadelphia, PA 19102

-Offers a free initial visit to new patients

-Accepts Sunbit Financing and Care Credit for flexible monthly payments

Dentists on the Square215-567-0110Can message on Facebook1845 Walnut St


Philadelphia, PA 19103

-Accepts Delta Dental and income-based insurance plans

-Offers Care Credit and flexible monthly payments

Kornberg School of Dentistry215-707-2900Can message on Facebook3223 North Broad St

Philadelphia, PA 19140

-Accepts patients in the PA Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid)

-Offers a sliding scale based on income

-Participates in discount programs, like Dental Pass

11th St Family Health Services215-769-1100Can message on Facebook850 N 11th St

Philadelphia, PA 19123

-Offers a sliding scale based on income

-Accepts uninsured patients and will not turn anyone away who can't pay

-Accepts most Medicaid insurances

FIGHT Family Dentistry215-525-3046Send an email to:

1207 Chestnut St

4th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19107

-Provides a sliding scale based on income

-Accepts most Medicaid insurances

-Accepts patients with no insurance

What Is a Sliding PayScale?

The dentist offices that provide a sliding pay scale have a special fee structure set up. Those with no insurance or who are on a fixed income may receive their dental care at a lower cost than those who can afford to pay. It's a way to provide important dental services to those who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

Although every office will vary in the scale they use, an example can help you see the potential costs you might be responsible for:

  • Pay a $50 nominal fee - Your income is 100% or more below the poverty line
  • Pay 20% of the total costs - Your income is 101-125% above the poverty line
  • Pay 40% of the total costs - Your income is 126-150% above the poverty line
  • Pay 60% of the total costs - Your income is 151-175% above the poverty line
  • Pay 80% of the total costs - Your income is 176-200% above the poverty line
  • Pay 100% of the total costs - Your income exceeds 200% above the poverty line

The scale is based on your family size. This means an individual has a lower income threshold to reach to be approved for the sliding scale. If you have a family of 4 and make more than $53,000 per year, you'll be responsible for the full charges.

How Else Can I Find Affordable Dental Services in My Area?

United Way is a non-profit organization that works to assist people all over. They are linked to the 2-1-1 free helpline to help you find the services you need for yourself or a loved one. This includes dental services.

Simply dial 2-1-1 on your phone and ask to be provided with the names and telephone numbers of free or affordable dental services in Philadelphia. You also have the option of entering your address or zip code on their online site and searching for contact information that way. You can even speak with someone via the provided online chatbox.

Find Philadelphia Dental Care Options With DoNotPay

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