How to Appeal First Hawaiian Bank ATM Fees In No Time

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First Hawaiian Bank ATM Fees: What Do You Need To Do To Avoid These Annoying Fees?

There are a lot of people who are paying when they really don't need to be. This is incredibly frustrating to people who are just now finding out that they have been forking over money to a bank when they don't have to. It is not as though most of us have a lot of extra cash just lying around to pay others. Instead, we need to do what we can to use the services of DoNotPay to avoid these pesky fees and save ourselves from throwing more money away.

When you think about Bank ATM fees understand that:

  • Your funds are being chipped away at piece-by-piece
  • You may not recoup those fees
  • You can avoid these fees outright

What Are Bank ATM Fees?

Have you ever gone up to an ATM that did not have the logo or icon of your particular bank on it? Have you noticed that when you do this and, attempt to make a transaction, a screen appears that says that a fee may be charged? Many of us simply hit the accept button and move on without paying much attention because we don't realize:

The fee can sometimes be several dollars per transaction
This fee could be charged by the ATM owner ON TOP of additional fees charged by our bank.
We may believe that we have no choice but to accept these fees.

There is no reason why we shouldn't be upset by the fact that banks are charging us when we use the ATM of another financial institution. Sadly, it wasn't until around 2009 that the ATMs even had to inform us that they were charging a fee at all. This is how slick the banks try to be when sliding in new fees for us to pay. Be aware of the danger you are in when you use an ATM that is not operated by your bank.

Can You Be Hit With Multiple Fees?

It is possible to be charged multiple fees over a single transaction at the ATM. The way that this happens is when we accept the ATM fee, we may also trigger other fees depending on our current bank balance. It is possible to get hit with:

  1. Overdraft fees
  2. Foreign country fees
  3. Non-bank ATM fees (on top of ATM owner fees)

The list goes on. The bank may even allow you to get the cash that you requested even if you don't currently have that cash available in your account. They can then charge you fees for an overdraft ($35 to $40 per transaction) and perhaps even hit you with some low-balance or negative balance fees for good measure. It is truly wild to see that a simple ATM transaction for perhaps anywhere from $20 to $100 could cost a person so much in fees. However, this is a major revenue source for banks, and they are not about to give it up just because it is frustrating to many of their customers. That is why you have to fight back against this using DoNotPay.

How To Strike Back With DoNotPay

How to Get ATM Fees waived with DoNotPay

If you want to Get ATM Fees Waived with DoNotPay but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Fight Bank Fees product.

  2. Enter the name of your bank.

  3. Verify the last 4 digits of your bank account.

  4. Choose which fees you want to waive, including overdraft, ATM, and transaction fees.

When Can You Expect Your Fees To Be Refunded?

The tricky part about getting ATM fees refunded is that it can take a while to get those funds put back into your account. Ideally, the banks would see that you have submitted a formal request to have your funds reimbursed and they would comply with this, but that is rarely the way that the banks do business. Instead, they will drag their fee refunding your fees even after they agree to refund them in the first place. You could be stuck having to call them to remind them that they still owe you those refunds. It is undoubtedly very frustrating, and that is why people have come to trust DoNotPay to help them out when they find themselves in these predicaments.

What Else Can DoNotPay Assist With?

If you are going to go to the DoNotPay website anyway to check in on getting your bank fees refunded, then you might as well see what else they can do for you. You may be surprised to learn that the list is quite long, and it is growing by the day. The company is very eager to help as many patrons as it can, and that is why they are always taking new suggestions from people about how they can best provide for them. Some of the ways they already help include:

  • Filing police reports
  • Filing complaints against companies to the BBB
  • Getting paperwork in order to homeschool your children
  • Helping you fight traffic tickets
  • Help to find the right lawyer

There are many other services that they provide as well, though these are some favorites of those who have used their products. If you like what you see here and would like some assistance from DoNotPay, feel free to reach out to them and see how they can come to the rescue.

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