The Ultimate Guide to Cleveland Clinic Clinical Trials

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The Ultimate Guide to Cleveland Clinic Clinical Trials

Cleveland Clinic is a prominent nonprofit organization founded in 1921, whose main ideology is to provide the best possible care for patients who belong to its hospitals’ circles. It belongs to Ohio’s best hospital complexes thanks to its quality program and prosperous business management.

Clinical trials are one of the most common forms of research within this organization, and in this article, we will teach you everything you should know about them.

Some General Facts About Cleveland Clinic Trials

If you already know the typical clinical trial definition and have a clue about clinical trial phases, it won’t be difficult for you to imagine what the Cleveland Clinic studies involve.

These are strictly controlled procedures that the research team performs on humans intending to discover new and confirm existing therapeutic possibilities.

Depending on the study propositions, you can participate in clinical trials as a patient with a certain condition that the tested treatment should cure. If this is the case, your age, current stage of your illness, and previous therapies you have received might be the factors that will determine whether you are an adequate candidate.

You can also search for paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers online if you don’t suffer from any condition but would love to help the researchers reach their scientific goals.

How To Find the Best Cleveland Clinic Clinical Trials via DoNotPay

Let’s say that you tried to find clinical studies and medical surveys by yourself, but the existing filters don’t satisfy your needs.

You must have found yourself staring at the screen for hours, with no clue about how many trials you have checked or clicked on. Can you even count all the times you entered “clinical trials near me” and hit that magnifying glass button?

DoNotPay will leave all those humdrum application procedures behind thanks to its artificial intelligence search system. You can enter your preferred parameters such as location, compensation, etc.

If you want us to send an application for a clinical trial on your behalf, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a profile on DoNotPay in your
  2. Select the Clinical Trials category and choose Get Started Now
  3. Set the parameters and type Cleveland Clinic in the search box
  4. Click on View Study once you find a trial that sparks your interest
  5. Read the criteria and apply by clicking on Contact Now

Our app doesn’t charge you any fees upon submitting the participation request—the entire amount of compensation goes to you in case the research team chooses you. We maximize your chances to enroll in the selected study, not to mention that we’re doing it at the speed of light!

Are There Any Other Ways To Find Cleveland Clinic Medical Studies?

Yes, there are. Note, though, that none of the alternatives can show you results as fast as DoNotPay, but you can still give them a chance. Here are some of the best resources you can use for this purpose:


  1. Go to the website
  2. Choose the Find Studies tab
  3. Set all the parameters to your liking
  4. Select Search

National Cancer Institute

  1. Go to the website and choose About Cancer
  2. Find the Treatment section on the drop-down menu and select Clinical Trials within it
  3. Click on Looking for a Clinical Trial?
  4. Set the parameters and type Cleveland Clinic in the search box
  5. Click on Find Trials

One of the most secure ways to check any info related to this institution’s clinical trials is to contact their customer support. You can call them at:

  • 800-223-2273—Ohio
  • 866-293-7866—Florida
  • 702-483-6000—Nevada

Not crazy about being on hold or waiting in the phone queue? Try sending an email via the website form or get in touch with them via live chat.

What Are the Benefits of Cleveland Clinic Trials?

Because of the delicacy of the procedures and treated diseases, Cleveland Clinic regulates its clinical trials strictly.

The responsibility for the overall safety of the participants rests with the researcher. Of course, all members of the responsible team must be prepared, educated, and experienced.

The ethical aspect is one of the most significant factors for these studies—not only because of the regularity of the process but also because of the integrity of the people who form part of this research.

Also, the innovative options that the researcher offers to you might be a perfect chance for you to have your health enhanced or cure your existing disease.

In case you are a healthy volunteer, you won’t have many health benefits from these trials, but your good deed might help people who are struggling to live with their conditions.

Questions You Should Ask Before Starting a Clinical Trial in Cleveland Clinic

Like in any other new and unfamiliar situation in your life, you will probably have a couple of questions for your doctor before you apply for a clinical research study. Don’t be afraid to ask—it’s your health that is in question and the experts should be eager to respond to each of your queries.

Here are some suggestions on what you can ask the research team members before the start of the trial:

  • Will my privacy be protected?
  • Will there be any risks or disadvantages?
  • Am I going to get paid for this contribution?
  • Will there be any signs that the treatment is working?
  • Does the trial involve multiple procedures or only one?
  • Will the trial affect my everyday routine and in what way?
  • What’s the drug that they are testing and what’s its exact purpose?
  • Who pays for possible expenses that might emerge during the study?
  • What kind of therapies do I need to undergo and what will that look like?

The answer to all these questions should be listed on your informed consent. That’s a non-contractual agreement form that consists of all the details related to the study you’re about to undergo.

Make sure you study the contents of this document well and sign it only if you are aware of all the terms and you agree with them.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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