Cancel the Karaoke Channel Subscription

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Tired of Singing the Same Songs? Cancel Your Karaoke Channel Subscription

The Karaoke Channel belongs to Stingray Digital Media Group. With the Karaoke Channel, you can access more than 18000 songs on TV, online, your mobile, or you can download the songs you like. The Stingray Digital Media Group reserves its right to change the Terms of Service without notice. If you have any reasons to cancel your subscription to the Karaoke Channel, DoNotPay is here to help you!

How to Cancel the Karaoke Channel on Your Own

If you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of singing you can end your subscription to the Karaoke Channel. You can do this in several ways:

  1. Via iTunes
  2. On Google Play Store App
  3. Sending an email
  4. Send a letter

Cancel the Karaoke Channel via iTunes

If you have subscribed on the Karaoke Channel via iTunes, you will have to:

  1. Enter iTunes app
  2. Find your Apple ID
  3. Tap on Subscriptions and find the Karaoke Channel
  4. Look for Cancel Subscription
  5. Don't forget to confirm the cancellation

End Your Subscription to the Karaoke Channel on the Google Play Store App

If you have the Karaoke Channel account through the Google Play Store App, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store App
  2. Find Subscriptions
  3. Choose the Karaoke Channel
  4. Click on Cancel subscription

Cancel the Karaoke Channel by Email

Another way to cancel your subscription is to contact them by email. You can send an email to the Karaoke Channel customer support to and explain that you want to unsubscribe. If you want to cancel it via email, it can take a lot of effort. They might try to win you back and prolong the process, just to make you change your mind.

Cancel the Karaoke Channel by Sending a Letter

You can also cancel the service by snail mail, just send a letter to one of the addresses here. Bear in mind that this process is long, you might wait some time for their response.

Can You Cancel With

Yes / No
iTunes app


Google Play Store app









How To Cancel the Karaoke Channel via DoNotPay

If you don’t want to bother with this long communication with customer support, DoNotPay is here for you! Do not pay can compose the mail on your behalf and handle the cancellation for you—all you need to do is follow the next steps:

  1. Access DoNotPay on your
  2. Tap on ‘Find Hidden Money’
  3. Enter ‘the Karaoke Channel’ as the subscription you want to cancel

We will let you know by email as soon as they cancel your subscription.

Find Some Alternatives for the Karaoke Channel

If you want to try out some of the similar apps, here are some that might interest you:





$10.49 a week

  • Sing with your friends
  • Try it for free


$2.99 a week

  • Get singing advice
  • Edit your voice recordings
  • Start with a free trial

Having Problems with Your Cancel Request for the Karaoke Channel?

All of your attempts to unsubscribe from the service have failed? DoNotPay can assist you with suing the company in small claims court. DoNotPay will help you with the process of getting your money back and canceling the membership.

With DoNotPay, You Can Take Care Of Your Subscriptions

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