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Finally Landed That Dream Job? Cancel ResumeCoach Worry-Free!

ResumeCoach is an online resume builder, designed to help in creating CVs and cover letters by choosing from a range of templates. According to their website, it takes 12 minutes on average to create a resume and 23 days to get hired after signing up, if you use the ResumeCoach services.

ResumeCoach Subscription Plans

ResumeCoach offers you to start building your CV from a template of your liking, guiding you through the process, and providing tips and tricks for more captivating content. Once you finalize your resume, you won’t be able to download it unless you sign up.

Their subscription plans vary based on the time frame:

Subscription Plan



14 Days Basic


  • Use on multiple devices
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Access to basic templates

14 Days Unlimited


  • 14 Days Basic features
  • Access to premium templates
  • Unlimited expert resume tips

Monthly Unlimited

$7.95 (one-time yearly charge of $95.40)

  • Same as 14 Days Unlimited

How to Cancel Your ResumeCoach Subscription the Easiest Way?

If you’re an average user, once you create your CV and land a job, do you need to pay a recurring charge for a resume builder service? We don’t think so. While the company makes the sign-up process hassle-free, canceling their monthly subscription will have you at your wits’ end.

DoNotPay was created to cut the time you spend on researching terms and conditions or looking for methods to get rid of subscriptions you no longer need. We pride ourselves on making an unsubscribing tool that is convenient and user-friendly above all else:

  1. Start by accessing DoNotPay in a
  2. Select Find Hidden Money when you log in
  3. Type in ResumeCoach as the service you want to cancel

Your monthly subscription will be canceled in only three steps, and you will receive a notification once it’s finalized. You won’t have to visit tons of pages, fill out numerous forms, or answer questions about cancelation reasons.

You don’t have to stop with ResumeCoach. If you’re unsure whether there might be some other monthly charge you could do without, connect your email address or bank account with our app and monitor your subscriptions in one place. Should you choose to eliminate some of them, just repeat the hassle-free process we described above.

How to Cancel Your ResumeCoach Subscription Using Other Methods?

If you choose to cancel ResumeCoach by yourself, you have two methods at your disposal:

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website


Canceling ResumeCoach on the Company’s Website

You can cancel ResumeCoach from your account using a web browser on your computer or phone:

  1. Log in to your ResumeCoach account
  2. Click on the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select Profile
  4. Choose Subscription in the menu on the left side
  5. Hit the red Unsubscribe button
  6. Click on I want to unsubscribe anyway on the next page
  7. Choose Unsubscribe in a pop-up window to confirm

ResumeCoach will try to change your mind during the process by listing all the benefits you will lose by canceling. You will also have a chance to download your created resumes before you unsubscribe.

Canceling ResumeCoach With an Email

Another way to stop ResumeCoach from taking your money is to write an email to requesting to cancel your subscription.

Does ResumeCoach Offer Free Trials?

While it’s possible to use ResumeCoach to create your resume for free, you won’t be able to download it without paying. You should know that if you choose the 14-day subscription plans, upon expiration, your card will be automatically charged $29.95 every four weeks unless you cancel beforehand.

Can You Expect a Refund After Canceling ResumeCoach?

ResumeCoach has a 14-day money-back guarantee. According to their Terms of Use, canceling a subscription period of more than a month qualifies you for a refund for the remaining time in your plan. There are no prorated refunds for partially used months. If you cancel before the new billing cycle kicks in, you will be charged in full and keep access to your account for the rest of the month.

Alternatives to ResumeCoach

If you’re not satisfied with the service that ResumeCoach provides, you can look into other options with similar features:






  • Unlimited resumes
  • Nine templates
  • Spell-checker


  • Multiple formats support (PDF, Word, RTF)
  • Editing tools
  • Option to import info from LinkedIn


Free / Premium at $6.85 per month or $20.95 per year

  • PDF-only download for free users
  • One-to-one assistance via chat and email for premium users

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