A Guide to Banks Without International ATM Fees

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Banks Without International ATM Fees: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that transacting through a foreign bank can cost you between 1% and 3% of the amount you withdraw? The fees can add up if you frequently travel abroad or if you make frequent withdrawals through a foreign bank. However, you can avoid international fees if you transact through banks international ATM fees.

In addition to international ATM fees, some banks may also charge currency conversion fees which can increase the cost of transactions. Just like there are banks without overdraft fees, there are banks that don't charge international ATM fees. So, you can still enjoy free withdrawals even when you travel abroad. When traveling abroad, you may want to consider switching to a bank that doesn't charge ATM fees.

While the process may sometimes become tedious due to bank regulations as well as terms and conditions, a third party such as DoNotPay can help. In addition to helping you with international ATM fees, DoNotPay offers an automated platform where you can also learn more about Bank of America ATM fees. You can also learn more about Bank of America overdraft fees refund or Citizens Bank overdraft fees. You also get to enjoy more convenient services when inquiring about PayPal transfer to bank fees or even Wells Fargo checking account overdraft fees.

What Are ATM Fees?

ATM fees are fees charged for using Automated Teller Machines. Ideally, banks do not charge ATM fees for using their in-network ATMs. However, you will be charged if you use an ATM by another bank or merchant.

When you need to withdraw money or make any transaction from an out-of-network ATM, the transaction will attract some charges from the ATM owner and your bank as well. While the ATM owner will charge a fee for using their ATM, your bank may also charge you for using an ATM outside their network.

However, some banks will refund this fee at the end of a statement cycle, while others may reimburse you a portion of the ATM fees charged by other banks. If you use an ATM your country, you might also be subjected to an international ATM fee. This fee varies from bank to bank, and may also include currency conversion fees charged by some banks. Here are the ATM fees you need to know about:

  • Surcharge (ATM Operator Fee) - fees charged by an ATM owner for using their automated teller machines.
  • Out-of-Network Fee - whenever you use an ATM operated by another bank, you will be charged a fee. However, you may get a refund from your bank or even have the out-of-network ATM fee waived.
  • International Transaction Fees - these are fees charged for transacting through a foreign bank's ATM. The charges vary from bank to bank and may sometimes attract a currency conversion fee from some major banks.

Here are some foreign transaction fees charged by some major banks and credit unions:

InstitutionForeign debit card purchase costForeign ATM withdrawal charges
Bank of America3%$5 + 3% of the amount withdrawn
Chase Bank3%$5 + 3% of the amount transacted
Alliant Credit Union1%1% of the amount withdrawn
Citibank3%$2.50 + 3% of the amount transacted
Navy Federal Credit Union1%$1 + 1% of the amount transacted
TD Bank3%$3 + 3% of the amount transacted
U.S. Bank2%$5 + 2% of the amount transacted

Best Banks To Avoid International ATM Fees

While some banks will charge you for every transaction done via a foreign bank, some banks will offer some foreign transactions at no fee. Such banks will allow you to withdraw cash from foreign ATMs free of charge. If you plan to travel abroad, here are some banks that will not charge you for international ATM transactions:

BankBest forAccounts to Get
Chase BankFree ATM AccessSapphire Checking Account
Capital OneFree ATM Access

No currency conversion fee

360 Checking® Account 1, Checking Account 2
Charles Schwab BankFree ATM Access

No currency conversion fee for debit card transactions

High Yield Investor Checking Account
FidelityFree ATM AccessCash Management Account
HSBC BankFree ATM AccessHSBC Premier Checking Account

What Types Of Bank Fees Can I Get Refunds For With DoNotPay?

Even though banks will charge you for withdrawing money from foreign ATMs, DoNotPay can waive ALL bank fees, not just the international charges. Besides waiving international charges, DoNotPay can also waive ATM and overdraft charges.

In addition, DoNotPay supports all banks and credit cards, so you can rest assured we can handle all your bank and credit card issues. For as low as $36 quarterly, you can subscribe to our content and enjoy unlimited services. You can also have DoNotPay automatically appeal bank fees for you every month.

Tips For Avoiding International Charges

Sometimes, international charges may not be fully avoided. This is because major banks will charge these fees to cater for various transactions including currency conversion. However, you can avoid international ATM charges by following these simple guidelines:

  1. Withdraw enough money for your foreign trip
  2. Request cash backs when making purchases at major stores
  3. You can also exchange your money before you leave your country
  4. Open an account with a bank that doesn't charge international ATM fees, such as Charles Schwab
  5. You may also consider using a bank account that reimburses fees whenever customers use international ATMs

How To Avoid International Charges With The Help Of DoNotPay

Sometimes, it isn't easy to avoid international fees. Different banks have different terms and conditions that can complicate the whole process, making it lengthy and tedious. This may call for the assistance of a third party to help you navigate the process successfully. That's when DoNotPay comes into play.

If you are wondering how to avoid international fees, DoNotPay offers you an automated platform that solves your issues with the click of a button.

How to Avoid International Fees with DoNotPay

If you want to avoid international ATM charges with DoNotPay but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Fight Bank Fees product.

  2. Enter the name of your bank.

  3. Verify the last 4 digits of your bank account.

  4. Choose which fees you want to waive, including overdraft, ATM, and transaction fees.

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