How to Dispute Bank of America Check Image Service Fee Effortlessly

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Fight Bank of America Check Image Service Fees

Every year, banks collect about $34.6 billion in fees from their customers. It's no secret that banks try to nickel and dime their customers as much as they can. Bank of America customers are especially frustrated when they try to .

If you need help getting these check image fees refunded, or you want to locate banks without overdraft fees, DoNotPay can assist you. You can choose to follow our how-to guide below to get the check image service fee refunded on your own. But if you need extra help, just sign up with DoNotPay.

What Are Check Image Service Fees?

A appears for having images of canceled checks appear on your paper statement. This was introduced in 2011 to try to encourage customers to adopt paperless statements. This fee is normally $3.

Do Other Banks Charge Check Image Service Fees?

Canceled check image fees are uncommon. However, other banks will have a monthly charge for paper statements. They are as follows:

Ally$ 0
Axos$ 5
BB&T$ 3
Capital One$ 5
Chase$ 6
Discover$ 0
Fifth Third Bank$ 5
PNC Bank$ 2
Regions$ 5
SunTrust$ 3
TD Bank$ 1
US Bank$ 2
Wells Fargo$ 5

Common Fees for "Advantage SafeBalance" Checking Account With Bank of America

Here is a list of Bank of America charges:

  1. Non-Bank of America ATMs, domestic - $2.50
  2. Non-Bank of America ATMs, international - $5.00
  3. Statement copies - $5.00
  4. Card replacement - $5.00
  5. Stop Payment - $30.00
  6. Cashier's checks- $15.00
  7. Domestic wire transfer, incoming - $15.00
  8. Domestic wire transfer, outgoing - $30.00
  9. International wire transfer, incoming - $16.00
  10. International wire transfer, outgoing in foreign currency - No fee
  11. International wire transfer, outgoing in USD - $45.00
  12. Deposited item returned, domestic - $12.00
  13. Deposited item returned, international - $15.00
  14. Non-Bank of America teller withdrawal - Greater of $5.00 or 3% (maximum of $10.00)

Will Bank of America Refund Check Image Fees?

It is possible to get check image fees refunded. It requires contacting customer support, and simply requesting a refund. This is usually at the discretion of the customer service rep. Not every refund request will be granted.

How Can I Get Refunded for Bank of America Check Image Fees?

Here is what you can do on your own:

  1. Contact Bank of America's Customer service at 1-800-432-1000.
  2. They are available Monday to Friday from 7 AM - 10 PM EST, Saturday to Sunday from 8 AM - 5 PM EST.
  3. The typical wait time is 24 minutes. The best time to call to avoid waits is right when they open.
  4. To get to a representative right away, press 0#, 0#, 0, 0, 1, 0#.
  5. Simply ask the customer service rep to refund your check image service fee.
  6. A refund is often given at the representative’s discretion.

How to Avoid Bank of America Check Image Service Fees

The best way to avoid these fees is by agreeing to paperless statements. If you need a physical paper statement along with canceled check images, it is far cheaper to print them at home.

Do You Need Help Getting a Bank of America Check Image Fee Refunded?

Most people aren't willing to make a 30-minute phone call to save $3.00. But there is still a matter of principle that these fees are unfair such as overdraft fees. DoNotPay can help.

How to Use DoNotPay to Fight Fees From Bank of America

Follow these 4 easy steps to fight any bank fee, including Bank of America's check image service fee:

  1. Open the DoNotPay Fight Bank Fees product.

  2. Enter the name of your bank.

  3. Verify the last 4 digits of your bank account.

  4. Choose which fees you want to waive, including overdraft, ATM, and transaction fees.

Why Use DoNotPay to Fight Fees From Bank of America

DoNotPay is:

  • Fast. You don’t have to wait a long time with a Bank of America customer service hotline. Simply provide us with all the pertinent details, and we'll handle everything else.
  • Easy. We can fight just about any bank fee. After joining DoNotPay, you can fight any unfair Bank of America fees with just a couple of clicks.
  • Successful. DoNotPay will make the best case for you to get a refund on your Bank of America check image service fee.

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