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How to Find the Most Promising Aducanumab Clinical Trials Near You

Alzheimer’s is the first association for memory loss for many people. This disease usually affects people who are 65 or older. There is no known way to treat it, so researchers are conducting innovative medical surveys about Alzheimer's to find a cure.

Biogen, the pioneer among the companies taking part in this fight for memory, has developed Aducanumab—an antibody that shows great promise in reducing patients' decline. Biogen is conducting clinical trials to test the antibody further and determine whether it's safe to use in patients' treatment.

What Is Biogen Alzheimer’s Drug Clinical Trial?

The definition of a clinical trial is relatively straightforward—clinical trials are experiments or observations on human participants done to establish the effects and side effects of an experimental drug. The majority of them are focused on conditions that aren't treatable at the time of the research, such as Alzheimer’s.

Biogen developed Aducanumab in collaboration with Eisai Co., Ltd, and the company has sponsored quite a few clinical trials with Aducanumab. Researchers are trying to see whether the drug can be used to combat Alzheimer's Disease—or at least slow it down.

Like in any other clinical study, there are four phases to this trial. Phase I and phase II are already completed. Phase III was completed, but due to some new development, it started again.

Phase I

In the first phase, trials were conducted in the United States and Japan. There were four trials to test the safety and effect of different Aducanumab doses. Both the people that have Alzheimer’s and healthy volunteers were able to participate.

Phase II

Phase II began in 2018. It had only one trial called EVOLVE, and it was held in the United States. Participants were people with Alzheimer’s.

Phase III

Phase III was completed as well, and it included two clinical trials—EMERGE and ENGAGE. Researchers tested Aducanumab and placebo in people with early-stage Alzheimer's disease. ENGAGE clinical trial was held in over 187 cities in North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. EMERGE clinical trial was held in 194 cities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Both trials had the same goal—testing the efficacy of Aducanumab when administered in the bloodstream. The independent data monitoring committee concluded that these trials would not meet their primary objective, so Biogen ceased the trials.

A few months later, researchers analyzed additional follow-up data, which showed that EMERGE met its primary goal. These and other supportive findings were a base for Biogen to submit a Biological Filling Application (BLA) request to FDA to approve Aducanumab for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

On August 7th, 2020, Biogen issued a statement that said the FDA accepted BLA for Aducanumab as an investigational treatment for Alzheimer’s. After that, Biogen decided to conduct a ˮre-dosingˮ trial so that researchers can test tolerability and long-term safety of Aducanumab.

Is Participating in Biogen Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials a Good Decision?

Taking part in Biogen Alzheimer’s clinical trials is a big decision that you shouldn’t make easily. Biogen has researchers who work on clinical trials and can always help you decide by answering all your questions. The clinical trial currently available is a ˮre-dosingˮ one, so here is the information you can find useful when thinking about participating in this trial:

  1. The trial is available for patients who were a part of EVOLVE, EMERGE, and ENGAGE
  2. Your everyday activities won’t be affected by Aducanumab, as you can do house chores, do taxes, and even shop by yourself
  3. All patients receive the drug. There is no placebo
  4. Redosing trial will be over two years long

If you still don’t know if you’ve made the right decision, here are four top reasons to assure you:

  1. Early access to a new and improved dose of Aducanumab
  2. Regular health check-ups as part of your treatment
  3. Helping others get better treatments
  4. Taking an active role in your health

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Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria in Aducanumab Clinical Trials

There are some inclusion and exclusion criteria to make sure the protocol of clinical trials is satisfied and to ensure the safety of participants.




  • Previous participation in phases II and III
  • Gender
  • Age


  • Systemic disease and infection 30 days before screening
  • Unstable psychiatric illness in the last six months
  • Other neurological condition
  • Stoke in the past year
  • Healthy volunteers
  • HIV

Where Else To Look for Biogen Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s

You can find clinical trials for Alzheimer’s on these official sites:


Alzheimer’s Association

  • Voluntary health organization
  • National level care system
  • 24/7 helpline


  • Find research in over 50 states and 217 countries
  • Search for studies that recruit and one that doesn’t recruit
  • Official site for U.S. National Library of Medicine


  • Search as a patient or as a professional

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