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The Best Way to Get UTMC Medical Records

Tracking down can be time-consuming, but it's important to have an up-to-date copy of your file. UTMC, the abbreviated name for the University of Toledo Medical Center, is a teaching hospital that serves patients in northwest Ohio and the greater Toledo region. (Note—don't confuse it with the University of Tennessee Medical Center, which is often called UT Medical Center.)

Whether you need to transfer your UTMC medical records to a new doctor or if you need a copy for yourself—here's everything you need to know. The steps are listed below. Or, use DoNotPay and you'll solve any UTMC medical records issue in a flash.

Who Can Request UTMC Medical Records?

If you were a patient or had a procedure done as an outpatient at UTMC, you can request your medical records yourself—but you will have to submit an authorization form first. You can also contact your doctor to obtain your records for you. If your healthcare provider contacts UTMC to get your file to continue your care, there probably won't be a need to fill out a form.

On the other hand, you can assign the task to DoNotPay—you'll have your records quickly without worrying about following the correct procedure.

What Types of Records Always Require an Authorization Form?

Psychiatric and substance-use records always require your authorization before being released, even if they are being released to your healthcare provider. If this pertains to you, you will need to fill out a medical health records release form.

How to Submit an Authorization Form and Get UTMC Medical Records

You can find all the information about UTMC medical records on the Medical Records webpage. To request your health records, you need to fill out UTMC's Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form.

There are four ways to submit the form on your own—in person, by mail, email, or fax.

  1. In-Person. Print the form, fill it out, and bring it to any UTMC registration desk.
  2. Mail. Send the completed form to: UTMC- ROI Office, 1015 Research Drive, Mail Stop 1072, Toledo, Ohio 43614
  3. Fax. Fax the completed form to 419-383-3001.
  4. Email. Fill out the form online, attach a scan or legible digital photo of the completed form and email it to the Health Information Management Department.

UTMC's Contact Information

Hospital Address3000 Arlington Avenue, Toledo, OH, 43614
Medical Records Office Health Information Management Department
Phone Number419-383-4982

Do I Have to Pay to Get My Records from UTMC?

Requesting medical records often comes with a fee, which can vary. UTMC charges a fee called a "Release of Information Charge," and it varies depending on whether you request paper copies of your medical records or an electronic file.

  • If you request paper copies of your medical files by mail, UTMC charges 90 cents plus an additional five cents per page, plus postage.
  • If you request your file by email or on a CD, there is a $6.50 electronic delivery fee. The fee covers your entire electronic health record, no matter how large it is.

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