How to Request Your Ohio Health Medical Records In 3 Steps

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How to Request Your Ohio Health Medical Records In 3 Steps

No matter who you are, you are entitled to your medical records. However, it can often be a struggle to get access to them. This can make it hard when you are in another state or changing doctors.

If you are struggling to access your , DoNotPay can help. We understand what it takes to apply for electronic health records and can gladly help you request yours.

Are All Medical Records Available for Release from Ohio Health?

Trying to get medical records can be a daunting task. There are so many rules and requirements based on both the facility and the government. This is to protect your privacy but may still be frustrating if you are trying to get .

Before you begin requesting, there are some things you should consider. One of the biggest things to know is that not all medical records are available for release. This includes:

  • Mental Health or Psychotherapy Records (notes about the patient from a physician's personal opinion)
  • Records for Lawsuits
  • Unfinished Research Records
  • Some ER Records
  • Records Regarding Other People (if it may cause them harm)
  • All records that may cause harm or danger to the patient's safety

This information is protected by HIPAA. Therefore, you should be able to get a diagnosis record from your request from most hospitals and offices, but the items listed above will most likely never be something you can access.

How to Request Medical Records from Ohio Health on Your Own

If you want to obtain your Ohio Health medical records, there are several ways to go about it. Most request options will begin with you filling out a Release of Information form.

The form for Ohio Health will require you to fill out:

  1. Your basic information (name, address, phone, date of birth, etc.)
  2. The reason for your request (, continuing care, insurance, and more)
  3. The name of the hospital from which you are requesting records
  4. Date range of services you wish to acquire
  5. Which records you want to be released
  6. How you wish you receive your records

Once this form is filled out, you will then need to decide on the request option that works best for you. Sending record requests to Ohio Health can be done by:


You can send your request through email, but you will need to choose an alternative delivery method due to file sizes. From there, email a completed release form to:

OhioHealth Physician
OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital


Once you have completed the request form, you should have a physician request the information via fax to the hospital you are requesting records from.

Fax numbers are as follows:

FacilityFax Number
OhioHealth Berger Hospital(740) 420-8644
OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital(614) 533-1153
OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital(614) 533-1162
OhioHealth Grove City Methodist Hospital(614) 533-1154
OhioHealth Physician Group(614) 533-1136
OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital(740) 592-9200
OhioHealth Hardin Memorial Hospital(614) 533-1357
OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital(614) 533-1152
OhioHealth at Home(614) 566-0815
OhioHealth Doctors Hospital(614) 533-1151
OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital(614) 533-1155
OhioHealth Grant Medical Center(614) 533-1154
OhioHealth Marion General Hospital(614) 533-1163
OhioHealth Shelby Hospital(614) 533-1162

Other Contact Information

If you have questions about your medical record transfers or need an alternative way to request it, you can mail requests or call for more information.

Completed forms can be mailed to:

FacilityAddressPhone Number
OhioHealth Hardin Memorial HospitalHIM Dept, 1000 McKinley Park Drive, Marion, OH 43302(740) 375-6088
OhioHealth Grove City Methodist HospitalHIM Dept, 111 S Grant Ave., Columbus, OH 43215(614) 566-9320
OhioHealth O'Bleness HospitalHIM Dept, 55 Hospital Dr.,

Athens, OH 45701

(740) 592-9387
OhioHealth Doctors HospitalHIM Dept, 5100 W Broad St., Columbus, OH 43228(614) 544-1015
OhioHealth Berger HospitalHIM Dept, 600 N Pickaway St., Circleville, OH 43113(740) 420-8237
OhioHealth Physician GroupAttn ROI Dept, 4850 E Main St

Suite 160, Columbus, OH 43213

(614) 533-5655
OhioHealth Shelby HospitalHIM Dept, 335 Glessner Ave., Mansfield, OH 44903(419) 526-8525
OhioHealth Riverside Methodist HospitalHIM Dept, 3535 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, OH 43214(614) 566-5444
OhioHealth Dublin Methodist HospitalHIM Dept, 7500 Hospital Dr., Dublin, OH 43016(614) 544-8017
OhioHealth at HomeHIM Dept, 5450 Frantz Rd., Columbus, OH 43016(614) 566-0888
OhioHealth Mansfield HospitalHIM Dept, 335 Glessner Ave., Mansfield, OH 44903(419) 526-8525
OhioHealth Grady Memorial HospitalHIM Dept, 7500 Hospital Dr.,

Dublin, OH 43016

(614) 544-8017
OhioHealth Grant Medical CenterHIM Dept, 111 S Grant Ave., Columbus, OH 43215(614) 566-9320
OhioHealth Marion General HospitalHIM Dept, 1000 McKinley Park Dr., Marion, OH 43302(740) 383-8714

Online Options

If you want fast access to your records, you can take advantage of the OhioHealth MyChart. This will allow you to see all your information. For help to enroll or use MyChart, you can call:

  • MyChart Support Team at (614) 533-6924
  • Toll-Free at 1 (844) 646-9242

You can also send an email to

Please Note: When requesting someone else's information, you will need to show documentation of your ability to get it. This may include guardianship, power of attorney, executorship, etc.

The entire process can be time-consuming and frustrating if you need the records transferred quickly. This is why many people opt to get help ensuring they get what is needed for their purpose.

Can You Transfer Medical Records to Ohio Health from Another Doctor?

In general, for you to be able to transfer your medical records from one hospital or doctor to Ohio Health, you will need to have a physician at Ohio Health request it. However, if you can bring your own medical records to Ohio Health, then your doctor may be able to use them.

Does It Cost Anything to Request Your Medical Records?

For most basic needs, there is no cost for requesting medical records. However, this does not apply if you need your records for something other than your personal needs. Some requests that may incur a charge will include:

  • Insurance Claims
  • Personal Use
  • Purposes (filing claims)

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