How to Request and Transfer Your NYU Langone Medical Records

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How to Get Your NYU Langone Medical Records Easily

Thanks to federal HIPAA laws, it is possible for patients to submit a request for . HIPAA, or The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, allows patients to exercise the right to view and gain copies of their medical records in a timely fashion.

DoNotPay can show you how to submit a formal request for their NYU Langone medical records and help patients take control of their health by knowing more about how doctors describe their care. Apart from understanding how to gather documentation and transcriptions pertaining to NYU Langone's medical records, DoNotPay can also help you access records from other facilities such as Baptist Medical, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and Mercy Hospital.

Are Some Medical Records Excluded From Release Requests?

Before beginning to request medical records, it's important to know that some documents will remain off-limits if there is a reason to withhold them. The HIPAA law says that facilities have 30 days to furnish the records. While it is certainly important to provide records upon request and respect the wishes of patients, it is not always possible to get these documents if they are protected by privacy laws.

Some documents that may not be available for release include:

  • Protected records that someone has not authorized for release
  • Files containing sensitive medical information such as STIs, mental health, and substance abuse

The purpose of these enhanced privacy laws is to potentially protect those who are treated in these categories from having their sensitive health information violated. If these are your own medical records, then you would not be legally restricted from access to them.

If you are working as a caregiver, it may not be possible for you to get a complete medical file of the individual in your care. If they have selected not to share data in any of the aforementioned types of facilities or reasons for treatment, then it's not usually possible to get these records unless you have Power of Attorney.

For minors, a parent generally has access to the minor's medical treatment, but even some of these records (such as Planned Parenthood records) are sometimes withheld from those if it is deemed in the best interest of the minor.

How to Apply for Medical Records From NYU Langone by Yourself

It is difficult to seize control of one's medical records, although the hospitals generally provide instructions for patients to access the data they maintain. While hospitals make this information accessible, it's still challenging to locate which department has the records, who to contact, etc. You can get your medical records from NYU Langone online, in person, by email, and through a written request.

Make a Request Online

NYU offers partial medical records online through MyChart. If there is not enough information currently in your file or you need records that pertain to healthcare treatment prior to the push for electronic records, then you have to complete the Authorization for Request of Medical Records form to get started.

Here's how to request NYU Langone Medical Records online:

  1. If you have a current account with NYU
  • Sign on to MyChart.
  • Email them through your secured student account on MyChart.
  • Request the specific form mentioned above or ask if there's a way to digitally fill it out.
  1. If you do not have a MyChart account
  • Print out this form and complete it
  • Send it back to their Health Information Management Services office
  1. Once they have received a completed form, they will process your request.

Make a Request In Person

NYU makes it accessible for students and patrons to get a copy of their medical records in person. Call (212) 443-1272 to make sure the office is open before getting the records or the release to receive the records. Note that making the NYU medical records release will require two additional forms to release information about counseling or HIV test results, which are still available at the Health Information Management Services office.

You can go to NYU Langone HIM services and fill out the record release form. You can turn it in personally or send it back through fax. Once they receive those documents, then allow 3-10 business days for them to process the record's release.

Contact Information for NYU Langone
Medical Records OfficeHealth Information Management Services

Suite 340, 3rd Floor

726 Broadway 10003

Phone(212) 443-1272
Fax(212) 443-1002

Make a Request by Email

It will be difficult to get released to you by a cold email alone. They will want you to fill out their Release Form completely and return it to their office to prevent identity theft.

The school is going to recommend that you email them at Take note that since you want to request records outside the student portal, they will probably not release the records to you.

It is still possible to get the authorization form from their office by emailing them. Once you have the form, then you fill it out and send a copy to the Health Information Management Services office. Once this office receives a completed copy of the form, they will furnish the records.

Make a Written Request

The most difficult way to receive a copy of NYU Langone medical records would be through a written request, but this is possible to do. NYU will require you to fill out the authorization forms mentioned above. They will also likely want a method of payment for copying records if it's applicable.

Under New York state law, written requests for records have to contain personal details in an attempt to grant authenticity. NYU medical records requests can be made using a written format and have been done before for patients with disabilities, in recovery, etc. who cannot make the request in-person.

Here's what must be included:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Contact information: address, phone number, and email
  • Which records and from when
  • How to deliver the records

DoNotPay does not recommend giving out payment information in the initial written request.

Does NYU Langone Medical Records Processing Department Charge for Records?

Yes, it would cost anyone 75 cents per page and current students get their records at a rate of 75 cents per page after the first 20 pages. If the records are being sent to another doctor, they don't charge the other provider.

When requesting NYU Langone medical records requests, be careful to only request what records are necessary so you don’t pay excessive fees. Note that they do not release the records unless they have received payment.

Make an NYU Langone Medical Records Request and Get Records With DoNotPay

NYU provides a fairly clear outline of who needs to be contacted and which department needs to hear from you in order to properly complete a medical records request. However, getting around New York City and working with offices that have several business days to process your request may be frustrating. Furthermore, the fee for each page can add up and some patients may not know which documents to request.

DoNotPay medical records can provide the needed expertise and save some time and money. Here’s how to request copies of medical records using DoNotPay:

  1. Look up medical records on DoNotPay’s website.

  2. Enter the name of the health care provider you’d like to receive medical records from.

  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you’d like to send the records.

That’s it! DoNotPay makes everything simple and easy! Sign up today to request your medical records in no time!

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