How to Request Medical Records From Tennova Healthcare

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How to Request Your Medical Records From Tennova Healthcare

If you live in East Tennessee, from Newport down to Knoxville, your health care provider is probably part of . Nine hospitals are part of the group, along with 115 other health care service facilities. If you need copies of your medical records, you can contact the hospital or service provider directly for that information.

Not only do you need to know the right process for requesting your Tennova medical records. Since most of the processing is done online, you have to be aware of the proper forms and how to fill them out accurately.

Keep reading to learn DoNotPay's tips for obtaining copies of your medical records.

How Do I Know Where to Find My Records?

The healthcare landscape in Tennessee has really shifted in the past ten years or so; Tennova spun off from Community Health Systems in 2016. In 2019, they started selling some clinics in Middle Tennessee to Vanderbilt University's healthcare system.

If you've been a patient at for example, now you're in the Vanderbilt ecosystem. Your medical records, however, are still kept at the Clarksville facility, but under the Vanderbilt umbrella.

Even if a clinic or hospital closes, your medical records survive. The closing practice will refer their patients to a new provider, and that new provider will get copies of your records.

Tennessee state law requires doctors to keep records for 10 years.

Tennova makes it simple

You can contact the individual hospital where you received care to get your records. In December, Tennova switched to a new online patient portal, MyHealthHome, so that patients and caregivers can access their information any time. Tennova prefers that patients use this new system to access their records.

Reach out and touch by phone

If you would rather not use the internet to get your health records, you can still call your providers. Here are the hospitals—outside clinics are all connected to their local hospital, so that's where the records are kept.

Jefferson Memorial Hospital (Jefferson City)(865) 471-2437
LaFollette Medical Center (LaFollette)(423) 907-1466
Newport Medical Center (Newport)(423) 625-2210
North Knoxville Medical Center (Knoxville)(865) 859-1301
Tennova Healthcare (Cleveland)(423) 559-6103
Turkey Creek Medical Center (West Knoxville)(865) 218-7110

Setting Up Your Patient Portal

Large medical groups, like Kaiser, Cleveland Clinic, Mercy, and Baptist have been using online patient portals for years. Tennova uses MyHealthHome for their online portal. When you register there, you will have immediate access to all your records. MyHealthHome does encrypt all the information they store, so your records are secure and confidential.

Creating your account

There are two ways you can create your MyHealthHome account.

  • Invitation—if you've given the hospital your email address, contact your local hospital and they will email you an invitation with a link to the MyHealthHome site.
  • Self-enrollment—if Tennova doesn't have your email address, you can go directly to the MyHealthHome site and create your account from scratch.

If you can't access the site or have a hard time registering, call (800) 669-4096 for customer service.

If you're a guardian or caregiver

MyHealthHome, and Tennova, do not allow guardians or caregivers to self-enroll for another person. If you need to register as a caregiver, talk with the patient's primary provider about sending you an invitation to enroll.

If you're the patient, you can give your caregiver or family member access to your records by allowing the caregiver access when you register. If you need help, call the local hospital and they can help you figure it out.

What you'll need to register

You'll need some basic information to register with MyHealthHome:

  1. Name
  2. Birthdate
  3. Email or medical records number for identity verification

Connect to your phone

Some link to Health Records on your iPhone. You can log into Apple Health (the little heart icon) to see your records, and access metrics that analyze your personal health trends and things like risks of falling.

I Don’t Like Using Computers for Personal Information. Now What?

We get it—there's no way to really be sure that your medical history won't get hacked—especially if you share a computer. DoNotPay does things the old-fashioned way; we contact the hospital for you and request a copy of your medical records that's safe and secure—they don't transmit over the internet.

How to request medical records using DoNotPay:

  1. Look up medical records on DoNotPay's website.

  2. Enter the name of the health care provider you'd like to receive medical records from.

  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you'd like to send the records.

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