How to Request Medical Records from Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas

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How to Get Your Medical Records From Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas

Did you ever have a and now need to access those medical records? Perhaps you need to gather your medical records for insurance or other purposes and the ones from Sunrise Hospital are the only ones left to make your medical record history complete.

Whatever the reason, getting your Sunrise Hotel medical records is of importance. However, if you have no idea where to start, this post will explore the process of getting those medical records yourself or by using DoNotPay - the fastest and easiest way to get those medical records.

How to Get Sunrise Hospital Medical Records in Las Vegas?

When attempting to go online and search for solutions in getting your Sunrise Hospital Las Vegas, Nevada medical records, make sure first that you are looking at the right Sunrise Hospital website. It seems that Sunrise is a fairly popular name for a hospital. So, look at the address of the website and determine that it is the correct Sunrise Hospital you are looking for. The correct address is:

3186 South Maryland Parkway

Las Vegas Nevada 89109

(702) 961-5000

After confirming that you have landed on the right Sunrise Hospital homepage, click on the drop-down menu under the Patients and Visitors tab. From the drop-down menu, select Medical Records and Birth Registry. From the Medical Records and Birth Registry page you will then be given the following options to access those medical records you need.

MyHealthOne Portal

MyHealthOne Portal enables patients or patients’ representatives to digitally access most of their Sunrise Hospital medical records. However, there are certain instances where the medical record you need can only be accessed and given directly to you for whatever reason to protect the possibility of sensitive information in the records being placed into the wrong hands.

You can access the MyHealth One Portal and determine if you have any sensitive records that will require an in-person request.

Getting a Paper Copy of Your Sunrise Hospital Medical Records

If you have a sensitive medical record that requires an in-person request, or if you would rather go to Sunrise Hospital for your complete medical record history here are three steps to get that request going:

  • Complete the Medical Record Request form (write in print only.)
  • Complete, sign, and date the request form. To prove your identity, please include with your completed form a legible copy of a valid photo ID such as your state-issued driver's license, military, or state ID.
  • Email/fax/mail your request form as to your preference.

A fee will be charged for copying and processing your Sunrise Hospital Medical Record request. The size of your medical records and the number of copies will determine how much your fee will be.

A typical request would take about 5 to 10 business days to complete from the date your request is received. However, Federal Law permits the request to take up to 30 days if necessary.

If you need any further information about your Sunrise Hospital Medical records call (866) 270-2311.

Sunrise Hospital Contact Details

MailNCCS Ciox Release of Information, PO Box 290429, Nashville, TN 37229
Fax(855) 901-6104
Phone(866) 270-2311

Urgent Request for Your Medical Records by a Physician

Perhaps you are in a situation where your medical records from Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas are needed immediately by your physician as a matter of continuity of care, or by your insurance provider for their purposes. In either of those cases, have your physician send a request on your behalf (with the physician's letterhead) to (877) 865-9738. Be sure to include your name, date of birth, and the date you were at the facility for any treatments or procedures.

For further assistance in this case, feel free to call (866) 270-3611.

Insurance, Attorney, Disability, and Third-Party Requests

Requests for your Sunrise Hospital Medical Records for either insurance, attorney, or Disability Determination Services will only be honored by mail.

For further information, in this case, you may also call (866) 270-3611.

Too Many Confusing Options, Forms, and Phone Numbers

Sunrise Hospital’s website has an abundance of information packed into a page. How to request medical records online or records that can only be given directly to you, various email addresses, phone numbers, links, several instructions and forms, and so on. You can easily make mistakes even by the simplest task and your request can take too long to complete.

But don’t you worry, by using DoNotPay, getting your Sunrise Hospital has never been faster and easier.

How to Get Your Sunrise Hospital Medical Records Using DoNotPay?

In a word, DoNotPay is a one-stop all-inclusive information super-center . Your quest for your Sunrise Hospital medical records can be accomplished far better when you rely on DoNotPay.

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How to request medical records using DoNotPay:

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  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you’d like to send the records.

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