The Best Way to Request Your Strong Memorial Hospital Medical Records

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How to Easily Access Your Strong Memorial Hospital Medical Records Today

Figuring out how to access can be frustrating, but we can help. Keeping up-to-date copies of your medical history is so important. And often, you'll have the added pressure of needing access to your files quickly if another doctor is waiting to review them.

Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY, is a teaching hospital and part of the University of Rochester Medical Center's (URMC) clinical division called UR Medicine. Strong Memorial is one of six of UR Medicine's hospitals that are located throughout upstate New York's Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions.

To get medical records from Strong Memorial Hospital on your own, there are several procedures to follow, including filling out the proper forms. Consequently, you can let DoNotPay handle this for you—and with just a few clicks, you'll be finished.

What to Know About the Rules Regarding Strong Memorial Hospital Medical Records

Like all hospitals, requires patients or caregivers to submit several forms before releasing information in a medical file. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA), it is every patient's right to access all of the information in their file—but often, several types of consent forms are required. These procedures are in place to help protect a patient's privacy, but they can also make getting medical records a challenge.

If you have any questions or issues regarding your records at Strong Memorial Hospital, you can contact UR Medicine's Health Information Management department.

Requesting Electronic Records From Strong Memorial Hospital

You can easily access a portion of your medical records online, but viewing an electronic health record is not the same as requesting medical records. To view your electronic medical record from Strong Memorial Hospital, sign up or log into URMC's MyChart online service. It's free and easy to use.

Contacting Strong Memorial Hospital To Get Your Records, Step-by-Step

Here's what to do, step-by-step, to get . You can also skip ahead to the effortless method—use DoNotPay to fill out the proper forms and submit all necessary paperwork on your behalf.

  1. Navigate to Strong Memorial Hospital's Health Information Management department online. Complete the medical release forms by downloading the documents and signing them. Strong Memorial Hospital uses several types of forms to approve the release of medical records—but which you use depends on the patient's medical history and who is making the request.
  2. Choose the correct form—you can contact Strong Memorial Hospital by calling the number above if you have any questions regarding which form to use, and the ones that are available are listed below.
  3. Submit the correct forms by mail or by fax. See the mailing address and fax numbers below.

Available Forms to Request Strong Memorial Hospital Medical Records

You can find links to these forms at UR Medical's Release of the Information page on its website.

  • Accounting of Disclosure: This form permits the hospital to release the medical information in your records.
  • Amendment of Protected Health Information Request: Use this form if you have to make a change to a release form you already submitted.
  • Certification Form, OCA Form 960: This is the Office for Civil Rights form to request information when the medical issue involves HIV/AIDS, mental health, or drug/alcohol abuse.
  • Patient Access Request Form: Use this form to request access to your records at any UR Medicine hospital.
  • SH 48 Release Authorization Form.

Strong Memorial Contact Details

AddressUR Medicine Health Information Management Department

601 Elmwood Avenue

Box 616, Rochester

NY 14642-8616

Fax(585) 273-1257 or (585) 424-2922
Phone(585) 275-2605
HoursMonday - Friday9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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