The Most Efficient Way to Request Your Medical Records from St. Bernards

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How to Request Your St. Bernard’s Medical Records

St. Bernard's hospital encourages patients to take an active role in their care by giving access to their health information. All your medical information found in mySBHealthRecord is obtained from the hospital's electronic health records. It gives you the opportunity to have updated and accurate medical information.

Having your medical records makes you informed and an empowered patient, thus putting you in a position where you can control your health.

You can access your records any time you need them; however, you have to visit the hospital medical records office to fill out a request form or fill in online. However, the officials in the records offices might internationally slow down the process and thus fail to get your records on time. You don't have to worry since DoNotPay has got you covered- they will send a request to office and have your records released in a few days.

Learn about Your Rights to Access Health Information

According to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, you have the right to obtain designated record sets managed by health care providers and other HIPAA-covered entities: visit 45 CFR 164.524 and see them.

A designated set record comprises the following:

  • Medical records
  • Billing records
  • Payment and claims records
  • Health plan enrollment records
  • Case management records

You are entitled to receive the above records or documents upon your request.

Learn Why You Might Need Copies of Your St. Bernard’s Medical Records?

There are various reasons which might prompt you to request medical records, they include:

  • When your healthcare professional is retiring, you need to request your records and transfer them to another caregiver.
  • If you don't feel convinced with your current doctor, you can obtain your records and transfer them to another doctor.
  • If you want to avoid duplicate procedures, you should have your medical records
  • When you want an electronic copy of your records
  • It is essential to obtain your records and keep them updated for yourself, relatives, people with the power of attorney, and more.

Learn How to Transfer Medical Records From St. Bernard's Hospital

Whichever the reason you have for transferring your medical records, St Bernard's Hospital allows you to do so. You must fill out a medical record transfer form and send it to the hospital medical records office. Do not forget to include the following information:

  • Your name or guardian's name where your records can be filed
  • Provide your contact information, including email address and phone number
  • Your social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Specifications on which medical records to release
  • Indicate the expiration date for the authorization to transfer records

What Are Military Medical Records?

They contain military veteran outpatient, dental, mental records of treatment when they were in service. All physical examinations, routine medical care, and lab tests are housed in these medical records.

How to Request Military Medical Records

Follow these steps:

  1. You mail your request to National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
  2. You can visit NPRC in person
  3. Contact your state veteran's agency

Learn How to Request Your St. Bernard's Medical Records by Yourself

You can obtain your medical records by visiting St. Bernard's Imaging Center at 1144 E. Matthews Ave. The medical offices in the imaging center are open from Monday to Friday, 8a.m to 4:30 pm. You are required to come along with your picture ID and check-in at the Imaging Center registration desk. For more clarification, you can call office at (870) 207 4169, customer care will pick up your call and address your concerns.

AddressSt. Bernard's Imaging Center at 1144 E. Matthews Ave
Contact Number(870) 207 4169
Hours of OperationMonday to Friday8:00 a.m to 4:30 pm

Arm yourself with the following details before requesting your medical records:

  • Birthdate
  • Your name or the name of the patient
  • The date of the official request
  • Why you are asking for the records
  • Your signature or the patient's signature
  • Contact information, including your phone number and address
  • You can include any restrictions on the request

However, it will make you work to get your records for the fact that some health professionals will be slow to process your request and grant it. Luckily, DoNotPay has a perfect solution through its Request Medical Records product that will see you get your records very fast and with less friction.

Learn How to Request Your St. Bernard's Medical Records Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay has you covered in three simple steps:

  1. Look up medical records on DoNotPay’s website.

  2. Enter the name of the health care provider you’d like to receive medical records from.

  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you’d like to send the records.

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