How to Request Your Medical Records from Spring Valley Hospital

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What You Need to Know to Get Spring Valley Hospital Medical Records

Most hospitals have a process for patients who want to request their medical records. Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, is no exception.

There's an extensive process of receiving . It can be a very time-consuming task of gathering and filling out the necessary forms. Plus, it may take a week or two and even longer to receive your documents.

However, there's an easier way.

DoNotPay can provide a faster, more convenient way to get your medical records from Spring Valley Hospital.

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Why You Might Need Medical Records From Spring Valley Hospital?

Medical records are documents that explain in great detail your entire medical history. For example, your medical records will show clinical findings, diagnostic test results, pre and post-operative care, your progress, and medications.

You may need copies of your medical records to compile a record of your family history if you're changing physicians or moving to a new city or state.

What Types of Medical Records Are Restricted From Being Released?

State and federal laws protect certain types of medical information from being released without written consent from the patient. They include:

  1. Drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  2. Mental illness
  3. HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases

For minors, a signature may be required to release information related to the care of:

  1. Mental health conditions for patients 13 years and older.
  2. HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases for patients 14 years and older.
  3. Patients 13 years and older who suffer from alcohol or drug abuse.
  4. Minors 14 years and older who need reproductive care.

How to Request Medical Records From Spring Valley Hospital?

Requesting your medical records from Spring Valley Hospital can be done in writing at the Health Information Management (HIM) department, where you received care. You can request an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) from the individual hospital. You can order by letter to the HIM department at the particular hospital, by mail or fax. Be sure to include a copy of a photo ID (i.e., Driver's license).

You can also request your PHI online by logging on to the Valley Health Systems website. Then, go to "Obtaining Medical Records" on that page to get the facility's contact information along with the Authorization form required to obtain your medical records.

The Authorization to Release PHI can also be sent and received by fax, email, or standard mail from the following hospitals:

Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center

5400 South Rainbow Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89119
Valley Hospital Medical Center

620 Shadow Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89106
Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center

2075 E. Flamingo Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89118
Henderson Hospital

1050 W. Galleria Dr

Henderson, NV 89011
Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

657 North Town Center Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89144
Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center

6900 North Durango Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89149

Mail needs to be addressed to the attention of medical records.

Records are produced as soon as possible once the completed and signed Authorization is received. The documents will be delivered by email or postal mail. Records provided by fax will be limited to pertinent information.

You can also access your health records online in the health records section on the Valley Health Systems records section on their website.

How to Transfer Medical Records to Spring Valley Hospital?

To transfer records from your current provider to Spring Valley Hospital, you can either have copies of your records sent or bring hard copies with you.

Does Spring Valley Hospital Charge for Medical Records?

Medical records that are printed or photocopied are subject to a copy fee. The only exception is for copies made for continuity of care.

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