How Sheetz Gas Discount Can Save You Hundreds

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How Sheetz Gas Discount Can Save You Hundreds

It's hard to drive through the mid-Atlantic states, from Pennsylvania down to North Carolina, without seeing a Sheetz gas station and convenience store. Some Sheetz are also full-service truck stops, with showers and laundromats. Since it is more than just a gas station, their rewards (called Rewardz) program has benefits that extend beyond .

If you live in Ohio, you may have seen Sheetz popping up in the Columbus area. They're expanding into that market, with several locations planned for the Columbus region alone.

What Sheetz Rewardz Offerz

Sheetz Rewardz members get 3 cents off a gallon of gas. They also earn points based on their in-store purchases and can redeem points for merchandise--kind of like the old Green Stamps your grandmother probably collected (actually Lowes Foods still has a Green Stamp program in some locations).

Here is a summary of the Sheetz Rewardz program:

Savings/gallon3 cents off per gallon of gas
How it worksBy joining the Sheetz Rewardz program, you earn points based on in-store purchases. Every $1 you spend, you get 5 points. You can redeem points for merchandise or gas.
How to sign-up
  • Online at
  • In-person--pick up a card at the cash register in-store
  • Download the Sheetz app and register on your smartphone
Additional BenefitsThere are tiers based on how many points you accumulate, which means better rewards over time.
Where is it available?Participating Sheetz locations

Sheetz Has Three Tiers for Rewardz

Sheetz has recently revamped their Rewardz program, so if you are already a member, your points (pointz, in Sheetzspeak) stay with you and you're automatically enrolled in the new program.

New Sheetz Rewardz members are Fans. When you accumulate 1000 points, you become a Friend, and at 5,000 points, you've earned the title of Freak. Here are the goodies you get with each level:

  1. Fan

  • 3 cent discount on gas
  • Customized rewards online or through the mobile app
  • Birthday and double points offer
  1. Friend

At the Friend level, you get the Fan rewards, plus these extras.

  • Double points
  • Surprise freebies
  1. Freak

Sheetz Freaks get all the above, and then these benefits, too.

  • Special events opportunities
  • First to try new food and merchandise
  • Opportunity to earn Sheetz swag

How You Earn Points

Every time you spend a dollar inside Sheetz, you earn 5 Pointz. You can redeem your points either on the mobile app or in the store, for things like fountain drinks, or Sheetz branded products (coffee and bakery).

Gas Discounts Don’t Count Towards Points

All Sheetz Rewardz members get 3 cents off on a gallon of gas, so you don't accumulate points when you fill up. On the other hand, that's a decent .

Sheetz Offers a Visa Card for Extra Benefits

If you stop at Sheetz a lot, you might want to apply for the Sheetz Visa card. This card gives you 8 cents off a gallon of gas when you use Sheetz pumps. Cardholders can also get cashback rewards with a Sheetz Visa.

Sheetz also offers a business Visa card for fleet vehicles. The card tracks your Sheetz spending online, which makes accounting easier.

How to Sign Up for Sheetz Rewardz

There are three ways you can sign up for Sheetz Rewards.

  • Online at
  • In-person--pick up a card at the cash register in-store
  • Download the Sheetz app and register on your smartphone

Sheetz has a great rewards program, but it's not available in most of the country. If you travel through the mid-Atlantic you can sign up, but otherwise, you need to find another rewards program for gas discounts.

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