Where to Complain About Garbage

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How to Get Help With Complaints About Your Local Garbage Haulers

are city-operated vehicles that are under an obligation to remove the trash. They should be polite to you and do the job that they are paid to do. If they aren't doing it, you will need to find out about filing complaints about local garbage haulers.

Some of the biggest trash complaints are:

  • Rude Service
  • Missed Trash
  • Blocking Traffic for Extended Time
  • Hazardous/Fast Driving
  • Inappropriate Actions

Our hope would be that you never have to deal with a trash collector complaint, but if you do, you should know you aren't alone. DoNotPay is here to help you if are trying to find out, "Where do I send complaints about garbage pickup?", or if you have some other complaint to file with your city.

How to Report a Complaint Against Garbage Collectors

Most large cities make it easy for you to file complaints about most situations. However, it may still be difficult to discover what office do I call to complain about trash man. This is because in many areas it will be lumped in with other city or county services. Therefore, you may have to call the same department that you would call for reporting traffic light issues.

For many, this may mean contacting your City Hall and trying to voice your thoughts through them. If nothing else, this should be your starting point because you can ask them how to file a complaint with the trash company.

Keep in mind when reporting, second-hand information isn't always something that will make the city act on your behalf. They will not accept complaints that you personally do not witness, whether it is a complaint with the in your area or someone illegally parking in a handicap parking spot.

In some areas, you should try to get information about the person and the incident. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Their Name or ID Numbers
  2. The License Plates or Vehicle Number
  3. Information to Prove Your Case (Especially if you were injured or received tickets because of an altercation.)
  4. Your Address or the Address Where the Incident Occurred
  5. Dates
  6. Your Trash Service Bills or Account Information

File Complaint About Trash Pickup if You Were Injured

Much the same as you would file a complaint about a pothole if you hit it and wrecked your vehicle, you should learn how do I complain about my trash man if his actions caused you pain. Doing so will protect you and your neighbors from further incidents that may cause pain and suffering. In some cases, you may also be entitled to compensation through small claims court.

Some examples of this include:

Physical Violence or AltercationsNo matter what is going on, your garbage man does not have the right to injure you. If there is a trash collector that is rude, and you have attempted to complain, but been ignored, the city may owe you compensation. This is especially true if you needed to seek medical attention because of it.
Property DamageDid the trash collection agency do something to damage your property? Whether they hit your mailbox or threw your trash bin and dented your vehicle, they may owe you for the damages that were caused.

No matter what the situation may be, you can contact DoNotPay to find out if your situation may qualify for small claims. However, you are urged to act as soon as possible after the problem occurred. This will ensure that you do not have to deal with a statute of limitations.

Why Filing Complaint on Garbage Pickup Matters

Admittedly, it may seem silly to try and find out where do I send complaints about garbage pickup, but if the county or city you live in allows trash to pile up more damages may come. If the garbage crew consistently misses picking up trash in your area, it could lead to rat infestations and illness.

It is the same as it would be if the city didn't respond to traffic light issues. It may seem like a small situation, but if they do not respond to these minor complaints, how can you be certain they will act when larger ones occur?

As a city official, every complaint should be taken seriously. Therefore, asking where to complain about garbage haulers, should also be taken seriously. It is in the best interest of health and safety to not have a lewd garbage man servicing your area.

Gather Evidence and Complain About Trash Pick Up With Proof

If there is a traffic light out, and you are in an accident, suing the city may seem like a logical way to handle it. You would gather your evidence and proceed with your claim. The trash can complaint department is not much different. You will need to show proof of the problem. This can be done using:

  • Photographs
  • Police Reports
  • Invoices for Repairs
  • Medical Bills
  • Health Department Inspection Notices
  • And Other Valid Information

The more information you can provide, the more details you can show, the more successful you will be at getting your complaint against garbage companies and recycle bins recognized.

If you want to file a trash box complaints department but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

  1. Go to the City Repairs product on DoNotPay.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    1. Report a maintenance issue to the city
    2. Send Demand Letters To the city for compensation
  3. If you want to report an issue, choose which problem you would like to report (pothole, broken lights, etc.) and tell us more about when you first noticed the issue.
  4. If you want to request compensation, tell us whether you 1) suffered a personal injury, or 2) suffered from property damage. Then tell us more about the incident date, where it took place, and any expenses you have already paid. Include the names of witnesses if applicable.
  5. Upload supporting documents and other evidence files.
  6. Enter the amount you want to be compensated in damages and verify your e-signature.

DoNotPay Works Across All Entities, Companies, and Groups to Solve Complaints

You can use DoNotPay to help you get through any situation. We can help you ensure that parking violation complaints are heard by the people who need to hear them. We can ensure that your city repair complaints are heard and that you never again have to feel that your complaints go in the trash.

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As a bonus to you, we will ensure that every part of the complaint or suing process goes quickly, smoothly, and with successful outcomes.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is a group that can help you clean up your city by properly handling complaints. You can visit us online or through our app to learn more about the many services we provide. Here, you will learn about how we handle parking tickets, get you in touch with government representatives, and much more.

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