The Fastest Way to Get Prisma Health Medical Records

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How to Request Prisma Heath Medical Records the Easy Way

Relocation can be stressful. Protecting your most cherished belongings, making sure everything is set up and turned on in your new home, learning the area - there's an endless list of things to get done. Depending on how far you've gone, you might also need to find new healthcare providers. While you likely keep several important documents on hand, your medical records probably aren't in your possession, and any information you may have probably isn't easily transferrable. You'll need to ask your old provider to send them to your new practice. If you need more information about how to get copies of your , DoNotPay can get you started.

Get Copies of Your Prisma Health Record

Prisma Health patients can get their medical records one of four ways

  1. By mail
  2. Over the phone
  3. By email
  4. Requesting it through the patient portal

If you do not make your request through the patient portal, you will need to complete a Release of Information Authorization form for the hospital to release your records to you. On this form, you can choose where your medical records are going, what treatment dates should be covered, and what information is available. You can use this form to release your records for insurance or purposes, and you can choose to release only portions of your care history, like your lab results, medication list, or behavioral health treatment. Releasing a subset of your records will minimize any record fees you may incur.

Your request for a copy of your records can be denied by Prisma Health. You will receive the reasoning in a written statement and may be able to request a review of the denial by a licensed third-party health professional.

Records Department Contact Information

Requesting through the mail, over the phone, or by email requires that you know the contact information for a specific location:

HospitalMailPhone NumberEmail
Greenville Memorial HospitalRelease of Information Department, 255 Enterprise Blvd #120, Greenville, SC
Prisma Health Baptist HospitalHealth Information Management, Taylor at Marion St., Columbia, SC
Prisma Health Tuomey HospitalHealth Information Management, 129 N. Washington St., Sumter, SC
Patewood HospitalRelease of Information Department, 255 Enterprise Blvd #120, Greenville, SC

If you submit your request by email or mail, you will need to verify your identity by including photo identification with your release form. If you are requesting on behalf of another party, you will need to include proof that you are authorized to do so.


You can request a copy of your medical records through MyChart. Prisma Health started using MyChart in February 2021. You may have interacted with one of the following portals before the switch.

  • Palmetto Family Practice HealthCare Support Portal
  • MyHealth
  • OneChart

MyChart can be accessed online or through the MyChart mobile app. You can sign up one of two ways:

  1. With an activation code - Your doctor may give you an activation code during a visit. To confirm your identity, you will also need to provide your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  2. Through MyChart Direct Sign Up - You will need to provide the same information as you would with an activation code.

Through MyChart, you can view your immunization history and lab results, communicate with your doctor and schedule telehealth visits. If you do not need a full copy of your records, you can avoid any copy fees by viewing your medical history here.

Regardless of how you make your request, Prisma will respond to your request within 30 days if your records are stored in their facilities. Otherwise, you will get a response within 45 days. You may be charged a fee to get copies of your records. By state law, the fee can be no more than $150 for electronic records or $200 for printed records, excluding postage and any applicable sales tax. For anything less than $150, you are charged $0.65 for each of the first thirty pages, electronic or printed. After the first thirty pages, you are charged $0.50 per page.

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