How to Easily Get Your Parkland Medical Records

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How to Easily Get Your Parkland Medical Records

If you live in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area and needed to would you know how to go about that? Parkland Memorial Hospital, like so many others across the nation, has spent a significant amount of time and money to digitize all medical records making it easier for current and former patients to access.

When you need to get those medical records, faster and easier is always better and that is what we will show you in this post.

How to Request Medical Records from Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas the fast and easy way through DoNotPay.

Your Ability to Access Medical Records According to HIPAA

In 1996 when congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) there were suddenly specific laws in place regarding your health records. In a nutshell, HIPAA protects your medical records from being shared with anyone but you. HIPAA also makes a clear statement about the consequences of your medical records ending up somewhere other than your hands.

HIPAA also protects any health organization's database of medical records. To be a bit more specific, look at the HIPAA guidelines for individuals and organizations as covered entities.

So far in your quest for , we know that a) you need to access your medical records, and b) it is unlawful for your medical records to be given to anyone other than yourself.

Parkland Memorial Hospital Medical Record Request

As far as hospitals go, Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas will forever be known as the hospital where President John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead following a fatal gunshot wound on November 22, 1963, at 2:30 p.m. EST. Parkland Memorial is also where several other people died following the Kennedy assassination, including the FBI's main suspect in Lee Harvey Oswald.

From the day Kennedy was shot, until the present day, Parkland Memorial has joined other hospitals around the nation that tout themselves as being an 'all digital' hospital. These are the hospitals that utilize the latest technology in maintaining health care facilities.

One area at Parkland that has kept up the pace in the 21st century is the medical records department and how those records are accessed. Here are the three ways you can get your Parkland Medical Records.

MyChartMyChart is an online tool for accessing your Parkland Medical Records. You can sign up for MyChart by contacting your health insurance provider or by contacting MyChart Support.
Getting Your Parkland Medical Records in PersonYou can get your medical records by taking a trip to Parkland to the Release of Information Center located on the first floor of the new hospital at 5200 Harry Hines Blvd. next to the Patient Relations team of offices.
Getting Your Parkland Medical Records by MailWhen you request your medical records by mail you will need a Medical Record Request Form and send the completed form to;

Release of Information

Parkland Health Information Management (Medical Records)

5151 Maple Avenue Suite 05-1164

Dallas, Texas 75235

When using the Medical Record Request Form be sure to include the following items of information;

  • Patients name at the time of procedure /treatment
  • The date(s) of the procedure/treatment
  • Exact information on the date(s) of the procedure/treatment
  • Patients Date of Birth
  • Patients Social Security Number
  • Address of destination the records will be sent to
  • Purpose of the request
  • Sign and date

What to Do if You Have an Error on Your Medical Records

There is still the human factor with your Parkland Medical Records. Your medical records are only as good as the person entering the information, and sometimes mistakes are made.

If you have gotten your Parkland Medical Records and realized that there is a discrepancy in them, you have the right to amend and correct the records. All you need to do is complete a HIPAA Medical Record Amendment Request Form and follow the directions about the item and mail the completed form to the address shown on the form.

What Will Your Parkland Medical Records Cost?

Your Parkland Memorial Hospital Medical Records themselves are free. The fees you will pay are the necessary fees for making copies, the time it takes to gather all your medical records, and the costs of mailing them to you.

When you submit your request for medical records, a member of the Parkland Administrative Offices will contact you about the fees you will need to pay before the records are released to you.

Your file size, and how much those records will weigh for the needed postage will determine your medical record fees. For more information regarding medical record fees, you are encouraged to call Parkland's Administrative Offices at (214) 590-5470.

Fees, Forms, and Ultimately a Fiasco

If you are one of the unlucky people when it comes to being admitted to hospitals consistently and your medical record files look like a New York City Yellow-Pages, your medical record quest is going to take time and patients.

Then you have to fill out forms, make the necessary telephone calls, mail the right form to the right office, and so on. The simple matter of requesting your Parkland Medical Records has turned into a time-consuming and frustrating fiasco. Let's show you a better way to get your Parkland Medical Records by using the services of DoNotPay.

How to Get Your Parkland Medical Records With DoNotPay

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