The Easy Way to Get Your MUSC Medical Records

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How to Request MUSC Medical Records With DoNotPay

MUSC Health is a university hospital associated with the Medical University of South Carolina, based in Charleston, South Carolina. The Health Information Services department at MUSC Medical Center fulfills requests for information for MUSC medical records and billing for all inpatient, outpatient, and clinical services affiliated with MUSC Health, including Charleston Memorial Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry visits.

The hospital will only release MUSC medical records upon receiving valid authorization either by mail, Fax, or a personally delivered authorization to release the health information. Instead of going through the complicated process of requesting your on your own, DoNotPay can help simplify the process.

Why You Might Need Copies of Your Medical Records

Medical records are essential documents that contain your medical history and are kept on file by your physicians. By law, patients and their representatives have the right to access their medical records, including billing information, medical test results, doctor's notes, lab reports, and more. There are many reasons why you may want your MUSC medical records, but the most common are:

  • You need your medical records because you're moving to a different area and want continuity of care with your records
  • You are changing physicians
  • You're involved in litigation
  • You have an appointment with a new specialist
  • Your health care providers may be retiring or closing the practice

How to Request Medical Records From MUSC Health on Your Own

There are so many ways to request your medical records from MUSC. To get your electronic health records, email your completed authorization forms. To request your medical records by mail, you need to print the Authorization to Release Protected Health Information Form and mail it with a copy of your identification, such as a driver's license to:


Release of Information

169 Ashley Ave

MSC 250, RM H102 NT

To request your MUSC medical records by Fax, you need to fax the Authorization to Release Protected Health Information Form and a copy of your identification, such as a driver's license. MUSC medical records fax numbers are:

Downtown Columbia803-400-5065
Northeast Columbia803-227-4181
MUSC Health, Charleston843-792-5460
Chester Medical Center843-985-9624
Florence Medical Center843-674-2197 or 843-674-2198
Lancaster Medical Center803-286-1871
Marion Medical Center843-431-2432

You can also request MUSC medical records in person by visiting the Health Information Services office at the Main Hospital downtown and bringing a identification like a driver's license with you. The staff will assist you with the process. You can also request your medical records by phone if you're in Columbia. For Downtown Columbia, call 803-256-5722, while for Northeast Columbia, call 803-865-4681.

You can expect to receive your medical records no later than 30 days after your request has been received.

Information Requirements

You will need to provide the following information when submitting your request for medical records to help identify the patient and for the correct details to be processed:

  • Patient's complete name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Requested information
  • Dates of treatment
  • Purpose of release such as a referring physician request
  • Signature of patient or patient's representative
  • A statement acknowledging the patient's right to revoke or cancel the authorization
  • An expiration date

How to Transfer Medical Records to MUSC Health

If you're changing physicians or health care providers and switching to MUSC Health, you'll want to transfer copies of your medical records so the hospital will know your medical history and give you better care. You'll need to fill out a Medical Records Transfer Form and send it to your doctor, clinic, medical group, or healthcare organization, along with directions on where to send the copies.

Contact the MUSC Health Information Services department at 843-792-3881 for more information on where to have your medical records sent.

You'll need to include the following information when filling out your medical transfer form:

  1. Your name and any other names under which your records may be filed
  2. Contact information (address, email, phone number)
  3. Your social security number
  4. Your birthdate
  5. Any specifics about which records to release
  6. The expiration date of this authorization to transfer records

As you can see, transferring your medical records on your own can be a long and complicated process. Luckily, DoNotPay can request the medical records to be transferred to MUSC Health on your behalf, saving you from the hassle.

MUSC Medical Record Request Costs

You won't be charged anything if you request your to be sent to your healthcare provider for continuing care. However, there's a fee charged for searching and duplicating medical records for personal reasons. In some cases, a clerical fee of $15 will be charged, and you'll have to pay $6.50 for a radiology imaging copy and $3.00 for each additional copy plus tax and postage fees. You will be sent a prepayment invoice after the total cost has been determined.

For third-party requests (insurance, attorneys, etc.), you will be charged $0.65 per page for up to 30 pages and $0.50 per page after that. For radiology imaging copy, MUSC Health charges $50 for each additional copy and $5 for tax and postage fees.

How to Request MUSC Medical Records Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay has tons of experience requesting medical records and can write your health care provider a simple, clear, and effective letter that will get your legally guaranteed health records for you in no time. Follow these steps:

  1. Look up medical records on DoNotPay’s website.

  2. Enter the name of the health care provider you’d like to receive medical records from.

  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you’d like to send the records.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do for You?

Apart from helping you get your MUSC medical records, DoNotPay can also help you get medical records from other hospitals such as Kaiser, Cleveland Clinic, Baptist, and Mercy. We can also help you with other things like:

Why go through the hassle of trying to obtain your medical records on your own when DoNotPay makes the entire process fast and super easy? Contact us to get started!

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