How to Request Your Medical Records at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital

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How to Request Your Medical Records at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital

Did you know that the Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act passed in 1996 grants you the right to request your medical record from any facility anywhere at any time? Having copies of your record is a smart thing to do and lets you stay in control of your information. It also gives your healthcare provider a glimpse into your medical history.

Although you are within your rights to access your medical records, some facilities don't exactly make it easier for their patients to get their records. The process can be long and frustrating, and you may end up giving up. DoNotPay understands how tiring the process is and knows your health information is essential.

Therefore, we have come up with a service that lets you access your medical records from any hospital like Mount Sinai. With this service, gaining your is fast, easy, and convenient.

HIPAA and Your Right to Access Health Information

HIPAA is designed to protect your health information privacy, but the regulations are usually so extensive that some healthcare providers are unsure how to go about them. The result of this is a complicated process that makes gaining access to your an uphill task.

The 45 CFR Section 164.525 stipulates that a facility should give you access to your medical information to view, create copies or transfer to an organization or individual of your choosing. Contrary to common opinion, you and your designated recipient aren't the only ones who can view your health records.

Other third-party entities, including the lab, your insurer, and billing provider, can gain access to your records, granted you gave them the right to when you signed the patient intake form.

How to Get Electronic Copies of Your Medical Records

Many healthcare professionals will ask you to fill out a request to get your health information. You can find the request form on your hospital's patient portal or request the document by writing a letter.

There are some crucial pieces of information that should never miss on your application for electronic copies of your Mount Sinai medical records. These include:

  • Your name
  • ID number or Mount Sinai member number if available
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information (address, phone number, email address)
  • Information you'd like access to
  • Delivery method (print, fax, mail)
  • Where and when you got your care
  • Dates the physician saw you

Why Might You Need a Copy of Your Medical Records?

There are several reasons why you may need access to your Mount Sinai medical records, including:

  1. Your doctor is retiring, and you need to get your records for a new physician
  2. You want to switch to a different doctor for personal reasons, or they've referred you to a specialist
  3. Avoid duplicating, unnecessary and harmful procedures
  4. To get an electronic copy to have your information at your fingertips. This can save you so much time the next time you're required to produce your records
  5. Updating your records
  6. You want to donate your records to promote research about your ailment
  7. You want to understand your familial health information

How Much Does It Cost to Obtain Medical Records?

HIPAA bans entities from charging you anything more than $0.75 to create copies of your medical records. In many states, the flat rate to make copies is usually $0.25 per page. However, you may end up paying more if your medical records are extensive.

You can access your Mount Sinai records for free through the facility. However, you will be charged $0.75 per page plus postage if you need copies. The hospital can't deny you access to your records, citing failure to pay the fee.

What Type of Medical Records Are Restricted From Being Released?

While it's your right to see your medical information, a healthcare professional may withhold your Mount Sinai medical records if they contain:

  • HIV/AIDS and STD testing diagnosis and treatment information
  • Drug and alcohol abuse treatment information
  • Child abuse information
  • Information intended for a lawsuit
  • Information that may result in harm to oneself or others
  • Sexual assault

How to Request Medical Records From Mount Sinai?

To request your Mount Sinai medical records, you need to:

  1. Visit Mount Sinai or contact the hospital's medical records department to get the request form.
  2. Fill in the Patient Access Request for Medical Information form found on the facility's website.
  3. If you want Mount Sinai to transfer your medical records to a third party, you need to fill in the Patient Authorization for the Release of Medical Information To a Third Party form.
  4. Submit the request and wait.

Mount Sinai will get back to you within ten days.

Mount Sinai Medical Hospital Locations and Contact Details

Hospital SiteAddressContact Number
The Mount Sinai HospitalThe Mount Sinai Hospital HIM/Medical Records

One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1111

New York, NY 10029

Mount Sinai DoctorsMake requests directly to the practice – Call practice to obtain address information OR Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice – Medical Records

1 Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1111

New York, NY 10029

Contact the individual practice
Mount Sinai Beth IsraelMount Sinai Beth Israel Health Information Management

First Avenue at 16th Street

New York, NY 10003

Mount Sinai BrooklynMount Sinai Brooklyn Health Information Management

3201 Kings Highway

Brooklyn, NY 11234

Mount Sinai QueensMount Sinai Queens HIM/Medical Records

23-34 30th Ave, First Floor

Astoria, NY 11102

Mount Sinai-Union SquareMount Sinai Beth Israel Health Information Management

First Avenue at 16th Street

New York, NY 10003

Attn: Outpatient Team

Mount Sinai MorningsideMount Sinai Morningside Health Information Management

1090 Amsterdam Avenue

13th floor, Suite B

New York, NY 10025

Mount Sinai WestMount Sinai West Health Information Management

1000 Tenth Avenue

New York, NY 10019

Lower Level

Mount Sinai ChelseaMount Sinai Downtown Chelsea Health Information Management

325 West 15th Street

New York, New York 10011

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount SinaiNew York Eye and Ear Infirmary Medical Records

310 East 14th Street

New York, NY 10003


For more details, please visit their website at Mount Sinai Locations.

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