How to Get Your Memorial Hermann Medical Records the Easy Way

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How to Get Your Memorial Hermann Medical Records

Are you Googling "how to get my " and having trouble getting the information you need? We can help! Not only will we go over the multiple steps required of Memorial Hermann Health System (MHHS) to authorize and release your health history, we'll show you how to take a time-saving shortcut that takes the headache out of ordering medical records using DoNotPay.

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Important Information about Getting Your Memorial Hermann Medical Records

You should know that not all medical records are available through Memorial Hermann Health System. If you need certain restricted records, you may have to take additional steps or contact specific doctors for specific records, either detailed or summarized.

Laws Restrict the Release of Certain Record Types

Before ordering your health history records, you should know that the following may not be included in the documentation according to State and Federal laws, the type of records you're requesting, and their destination.

  • Handwritten notes taken during psychological treatment
  • Drug treatment history
  • HIV and other communicable disease diagnoses and treatment

Be sure to fill out the appropriate MHHS form when requesting these sensitive documents.

MHHS Record-Keeping Doesn’t Cover Memorial Hermann Surgery Centers

You'll need to contact each surgery center independently to request procedure records. If you've had surgery at any of these centers (or any outside the Memorial Hermann network) it's essential to go through the steps to get them, so future health care providers have the full picture of your treatment history. DoNotPay can help you, or you can find your Memorial Hermann surgical center on the MHHS directory.

How to Access Official Medical Records from Memorial Hermann Health System

You can request your using the following contact information.

Department NameMemorial Hermann Release of Information Department
Mailing Address7737 SWF C94

Houston, TX 77074

Phone (713) 867-4335
Business HoursMonday - Friday

8 am - 4 pm


What You Need before You Begin

  1. Patient's full name and any aliases
  2. Patient and/or recipient's contact information
  • Daytime phone
  • Mailing address
  • Email
  1. Patient's Social Security Number
  2. Names of MHHS doctors who treated you, if known
  3. The date range for the treatment period you want
  4. Applicable MHHS forms

Steps Required to Access Your Own Medical Records

Call the Memorial Hermann Release of Information Department to find out what costs apply to your records, as they vary by volume of record copies made and other variables.

  1. Download, print, and legibly fill out the MHHS form applicable to you.
  2. Write a brief cover letter (One to two paragraphs) summarizing the following:
  • Your name, and that you are the patient for whom the records are requested
  • Requested records and date range
  • List of enclosed documents
  1. Include a check made out to Memorial Hermann Health System in the amount indicated by the Release of Information Department.

Send your request to the address above. MHHS will process your request within 15 days of receipt.

What’s Required to Access the Medical Records of a Loved One

Follow the steps above, but in your cover letter explain that you are the patient's representative. Be sure you fill out the form with the recipient's full name and mailing address so the information is sent to you, rather than to the patient's home address (if different).

The patient will need to sign the authorization request or share with you their MHHS portal login information. If they are incapable of doing so and you have Medical Power of Attorney status, you will need to supply the official Medical Power of Attorney statement. You must also include a letter from the patient's physician verifying that the patient is unable to make medical decisions on their own behalf.

Steps to Transfer Your Medical Records to Another Health Care Provider

Confirm the name, department, and mailing address of your new medical provider, and ask if they have specific instructions for transferring records to them. You may simply have to fill out their authorization request, but you can also send them the form listed above, fill it out and forward it to MHHS.

How Long Does MHHS Keep Medical Records?

MHHS keeps patient medical records for ten years. It's up to you to make sure you have documentation that covers your entire treatment, which is another reason why you should maintain copies of your health records.

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Need Records from Another Health Care Provider?

We can help you get your medical records from hundreds of healthcare providers and portals, including:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Mercy Medical
  • Baptist Health
  • Cleveland Clinic

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