How to Get Your Lovelace Medical Records the Easy Way

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How to Get Your Lovelace Medical Records Without the Hassle

It is your right to access your medical records under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Whether your health records are electronic or filed on paper, you need to know how to get your medical records when switching doctors or preparing family members for emergencies.

From getting in touch with the healthcare facility to needing a medical records release form, the process of requesting your medical records from past or current hospitals or doctor's offices can be a struggle. If you’re a Lovelace Health Systems patient, we've outlined how to request your below.

DoNotPay is here to help to make requesting your medical records hassle-free. While the process for requesting medical records varies by the healthcare provider, DoNotPay makes it simple for you to take advantage of your right to access health records.

Are There Types of Medical Records Restricted From Being Released?

If you need your health records or medical records for a loved one, you should know that some records are restricted from being released. Certain state or federal laws can prohibit hospitals from releasing medical records containing certain types of information, such as:

  • Psychotherapy notes or relates to a mental illness
  • STD treatments
  • Sexual assault information
  • Drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • Information compiled for use in a lawsuit

How to Request Medical Records From Lovelace Health System

The time medical facilities are required to keep patient health records varies across the board. Typically, hospitals and doctor's offices keep patient records between five to ten years after the last treatment, discharge, or death. If you're wondering how to request medical records for yourself or your loved ones within this time frame from Lovelace Health System, there are several ways to get copies.

Whether you're requesting for yourself or are a caregiver or guardian, you'll need to verify your identity and that you have the right to access the records.


You can get a copy of your Lovelace medical records delivered to your email address via Lovelace's website. You will need to provide a photo of your driver's license to verify your identity before starting the request process.

MyChart App

Lovelace Health System's app, MyChart, allows you to securely view your patient medical records and request a copy of your Lovelace medical records easily.

  1. Log into your MyChart app.
  2. Navigate to "Document Center."
  3. Choose "Requested Records."
  4. Click the button to send a medical record request.
  5. Complete the form to have your records sent.

Paper Requests

For paper medical record requests, you must complete the necessary request form and send it to Lovelace's Health Information Management (HIM) Department.

There are three ways to request paper Lovelace health records:

Fax 505-727-9501
Mailing AddressMedical Records, 4101 Indian School Rd NE, Suite 110, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Is There a Fee for Requesting Medical Records From Lovelace Health System?

Lovelace Health System uses CIOX Health to process and fulfill your medical record requests. There are fees associated with getting your medical records from Lovelace Medical Group. The fees charged depend on the format of the original record.

Check the table below for current fees for requesting Lovelace medical records.

Electronic/Hybrid Original Records
Cost for requesting electronic format of medical records
  • $6.50 flat fee for all electronic files
  • $0.07 per page for creation and delivery of paper records
  • Applicable sales taxes
Cost of getting medical records delivered in paper
  • $0.07 per page for creation and delivery of paper records
  • $0.90 for average labor cost for the portion of the electronic record or the lower cost under state-regulated patient rates
  • $0.05 per page for paper and toner supplies
  • Applicable sales taxes
  • Actual postage cost (if mailed)
Paper Original Records
Cost for requesting electronic format of medical records
  • $0.07 per page for creation and delivery of paper records
  • Applicable sales taxes
  • Actual postage cost (if mailed)
Cost of requesting paper copies of medical records
  • $0.07 per page for creation and delivery of paper records
  • $0.05 per page for paper and toner supplies
  • Applicable sales taxes
  • Actual postage cost (if mailed)

How to Transfer Medical Records to and From Lovelace Medical Group

If you are changing medical providers due to a move or personal preference, you will probably need to have your medical records transferred. To transfer Lovelace medical records to another facility or to request records be sent to Lovelace Medical Group, you must use the Release of Information - Authorization Request forms to authorize the transfer.

Let DoNotPay Help You Request Lovelace Medical Records

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  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you'd like to send the records.

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