How to Easily Obtain Your Kaweah Delta Medical Records

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How to Get Your Kaweah Delta Medical Records in a Breeze

Have you had any treatments or procedures done at in Visalia, California? Whether it was something that happened recently or several years ago you need to access those medical records for financial or reasons, but you have no idea how to do this.

For this post, let's look at how you can get your Kaweah Delta Medical Center medical records. You can try going through Kaweah's website if you are up to the challenge, or you can get those medical records the fast and easy way by using DoNotyPay!

Getting Kaweah Delta Medical Center, Medical Records on Your Own

located in Visalia, California was founded in 1963 as a very basic district hospital with very limited services to offer the Visalia community.

Fast-forward to 2022 and Kaweah Delta Medical Center is now a Certified Level III Trauma Center, as well as the biggest hospital in Tulare County. The 581-bed facility has more than 4,000 medical professionals that work within the 8 campus area that is now Kaweah Delta Medical Center.

Kaweah Delta now serves the needs of patients in the areas of;

Kaweah Delta Medical Records

From the Kaweah Delta Medical Center homepage, begin your medical record quest by clicking the 'Patients and Visitors' tab. From the dropdown menu select 'Patients' and from the Patients' page scroll down and select 'Request Medical Records.'

The Kaweah Delta Medical Center 'Request Medical Records' Page

In keeping up with the other hospitals, Kaweah Delta now has a third-party app that will allow you, the patient, the ability to access all your medical records from one, easy to use portal. The first thing you will see on their medical records request page is the new tool for medical records.

If you are the patient requesting the medical records and would like to see all of your medical records in one place, this tool might be just what the doctor ordered! It's called '' and the 'hxe' stands for 'Health Exchange Evolved.'

This third-party app and vendor is a tool for accessing your digital medical records via a multi-state HIPAA Authorization for individuals requesting their records.

Once directed to the page, they claim you can access an electronic version of your medical records in under 8 minutes! To use this tool, you will need to adhere to the following steps;

  1. Learn About the Facility
  2. Create an Account
  3. Patient Information
  4. Dates of Treatment/Procedure/Services
  5. Types of Records Requested
  6. Sensitive Information
  7. Digital Signature Required

If you would like any further information about, you can contact Kaweah Delta here:

Address:400 W Mineral King Ave, Visalia, CA 93291
Hours:Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
FAQ Page

Prepare an Authorization to Release Medical Information Form

If you are not going to be using the platform to access your medical records from Kaweah Delta you will first need to complete the form permitting Kaweah Delta to release the medical records you are requesting.

The Authorization to Release Medical Information form is available in English and Spanish and the completed form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed according to the phone numbers and email addresses on the authorization form.

Patients requesting medical records can have their records delivered in the following formats:Email

Digital Compact Disk (CD)


Those formats can be delivered by;Secure Email



How to Prove Your Identity for Kaweah Delta Medical Records Requests

Your Kaweah Delta medical records can only be accessed by you, the patient, in the different formats listed above. You must provide a state-issued ID with your picture, a military ID if you have served, a certified copy of your birth certificate, or another official document to prove your identity before anything is put in your possession.

If you are not the patient, but you are requesting medical records for another family member living or deceased, you will need to go a few steps beyond the usual identity proving techniques.

You may be asked to provide any or all of the following in this situation;

  • Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directive
  • Living Will
  • The executor of the Estate
  • Court Order/Conservatorship Appointed by The Court

In situations where you are the person appointed to secure the medical records for any given reason please note that Kaweah Delta Medical Center does not offer any live birth or death certificates. If you need either of those you will need to contact the Tulare County Clerk at;

Tulare County Clerk

221 South Mooney Blvd.

Visalia, CA 93291

Courthouse Room #105

Phone (559) 636-5051

For Additional Information

If you need to access your Kaweah Delta medical records and do not see any information here that answers your needs you can always call the Kaweah Delta Medical Center directly at (559) 624-2218, or you can contact KDMC by email at

Kaweah Delta Medical Center, like other medical centers, has services available for you to get your medical records. The trouble with these services is the amount of confusion that it creates by offering so much information in a single location.

The request for medical records often ends with the patient abandoning the request because of the time and confusion the request creates.

There is a much better way to do this by using DoNotPay!

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DoNotPay will be hard at work on your behalf to get your medical records from Kaweah Delta Medical Center as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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