Easily Dispute Iowa Traffic Tickets Without a Lawyer and Win

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Easily Dispute Iowa Traffic Tickets Without a Lawyer and Win

If you violate traffic laws in Iowa, you will be given a by a law enforcement officer. However, not all is lost, since you can appeal the ticket in a court of law if you feel that you were wrongly booked.

Disputing a ticket in Iowa is not easy as it might seem. You have a 14-30 days appeal window from the date the ticket was issued. Additionally, if you are accused of committing a serious violation like speeding, you will be required to attend a court hearing, making the process time-consuming. The good news is that DoNotPay can help you make the best case possible through its Traffic Ticket product.

What Are the Different Types of Traffic Tickets in Iowa?

are classified into two categories:

  • Moving Violations
  • Non-moving Violations

Moving Violations

You can be charged with a moving violation if you commit any traffic offense when your vehicle is in motion. Some examples of tickets under this category include speeding, running stop signs, fleeing a police officer, hit-and-run accidents, cell phone use while driving, and more.

Non-Moving Violations

Your traffic ticket will be classified as a non-moving violation if you commit a traffic offense when your car is stationary. Common types of non-moving violations include:

  • Parking violations. You are booked if you park in a no-parking zone, parking in front of a fire hydrant, and an expired parking meter
  • Paperwork violation. If you drive your car with an expired driving license, no insurance or expired tags, you will be issued a traffic ticket
  • Vehicle safety violation. Violations under this category include broken headlights, missing mirrors, overly tinted windows, and more

Note that moving violations put pedestrians and other motorists at risk more than non-moving violations and thus, you should expect a tough punishment when convicted.

How to Pay Your Traffic Ticket in Iowa

You can pay your traffic fine online using a credit card by clicking the pay-fine button on the Iowa Judicial branch's official website. Remember the following information as they'll inquire for it:

  • The type of traffic offense
  • The county in Iowa where you were issued the ticket
  • Your case number

Traffic fines will depend on the offense you have committed. The table below shows an example:

Over Speed LimitFine
5 mph$30
5-10 mph$55
15-20 mph$120

How Do Traffic Schools Work in Iowa?

If your Iowa driving license is suspended, you must enroll in the Iowa Driver Improvement Program. After successfully completing the school, you will have your driving license reinstated. However, neither your points nor your traffic violations will be removed from your traffic offense records.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Dispute Your Traffic Ticket in Iowa?

It is important to fight your traffic ticket with the help of a professional lawyer. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney is imperative and will protect your rights as well as driving privileges.

Reasons to Contest Against a Traffic Ticket

Below are five top reasons why you should always fight a traffic ticket:

1. To Maintain a Clean Driving Record

If you admit to being guilty of a traffic violation and pay the fine, the record will stay for 3 to 7 years, depending on the intensity of your case. Fighting your ticket can end with the record being erased from your driving record.

2. To Evade Penalty Points

Most traffic offenses carry two penalty points, whereas extreme offenses may cost you 6 points, which might eventually make you lose your license. Contesting for your ticket might help you avoid points in your record.

3. Lack of Evidence Would Work In Your Favor

If you choose to fight for your ticket in court and the police officer fails to prove your conviction, your ticket will be dismissed.

4. Provides You With Other Options

If you decide to ask for a hearing, you get a chance to explore other options to plead to a lesser offense that does not affect your driving license.

5. The Police Officer May Fail to Appear in Court

If the police officer who charged you cannot appear for your case hearing, you might have your case dismissed.

How to Dispute Your Traffic Ticket in Iowa by Yourself

If you want to prove your innocence, request a contested hearing in your relevant county court. You should check the appropriate check-box on your ticket and mail it to the court.

Though you can dispute your traffic ticket using DIY methods, the process is time-consuming and frustrating. Find an attorney who can represent you in court.

However, you are not guaranteed to get a positive outcome from your case. There is no need to attempt the trial-and-error method when DoNotPay has the perfect answer to your problem.

Discover How to Dispute Your Traffic Ticket in Iowa Using DoNotPay

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  3. Provide us with some details on why you believe the citation issued is a mistake.

  4. Select whether or not you want the letter mailed to the traffic ticket issuer on your behalf!
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