How to Access Medical Records From Georgetown Hospital

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How to Get Your Medical Records From Georgetown Hospital

The Georgetown Hospital in Washington DC is a well-known university hospital and considered one of the best for both teaching and care. However, getting your medical records when and the way you need them is not always as easy as it should be. Georgetown Hospital has an online patient portal for medical records, and you can request medical records through the Health Information Department of the MedStar Health System.

Your Georgetown University Hospital should be yours to request and control. If you can't get your medical records from Georgetown hospital, DoNotPay can help you cut the red tape and gain access to your records.

How to Request Medical Records From Georgetown Hospital

There are two ways to release your medical records from Georgetown Hospital. The first is to submit your request in writing using the Medical Records Release Form. The second is to access your inpatient medical records through your MedStar patient portal.

Request a Hard Copy of Medical Records

  1. Download and print the Medical Records Release Form
  2. Fill out the form accurately and carefully
  3. Wait for an Invoice for copy fees
  4. Mail-in payment
  5. Wait for records to arrive by mail

Here is the contact information of Georgetown Hospital.

MailMedStar Georgetown University Hospital

3800 Reservoir Road, NW

Bles Building

Lower Level, Room 140

Washington, D.C., 20007

Attention: Medical Correspondence


Access Medical Records Online

  1. Navigate to the patient portal
  2. Log In or Enroll
  3. Connect to and access your medical records
  4. Print at your own cost

What Types of Medical Records Are Restricted From Being Released?

  • History of violence
  • Sexual and STI history
  • Substance abuse and addiction treatment records
  • Minor child records
  • Criminal, celebrity, or newsworthy details

Some records will be more difficult to access and may require additional steps to release. Restricted medical files provide an additional layer of privacy so that entities (like an employer) with limited medical record access are shielded from a person's most private history details. For example, someone with a history of substance abuse who is fully recovered may have their rehabilitation details restricted so as not to impact future jobs or reveal that information to the family in a medical emergency.

Does Georgetown Hospital Charge for Medical Records?

Digital medical records are typically not charged by Georgetown University Hospital. However, like most hospitals, Georgetown does charge a copy fee for printed medical records.

Typical copy fees range from $0.25 per page to $2 per page. Washington DC does not have any specific laws that define or limit the medical record copy fees permitted by DC hospitals.

How to Get Your Georgetown Hospital Medical Records With the Help of DoNotPay

How can DoNotPay help you get your from Georgetown University Hospital? We will take on the paperwork and the mailing hassle for you. We know that you don't have time to deal with the back-and-forth with the records office and don't want to risk your release form, including mistakes. As an online service, we can submit a flawless release form on your behalf with a copy of your ID. We can also draft a demand letter if there are hurdles being put in your paths, like unreasonable costs or unreachable prerequisites.

DoNotPay can help get your medical records when the DIY methods don't work. Whether the patient portal has technical difficulties or the records department won't release your documents, we'll help you get the medical records that are yours right under HIPAA regulations.

How to Request Medical Records Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay has seen these requests before and knows how to write your health care provider a simple, clear, and effective letter that will get your legally-guaranteed health records for you in no time.

  1. Look up medical records on DoNotPay’s website.

  2. Enter the name of the health care provider you’d like to receive medical records from.

  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you’d like to send the records.

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