The Best Way to Get Your Geisinger Medical Records.

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How to Request Your Geisinger Medical Records

Your medical records are very important documents, and you should have a copy of them. Most people don't know how to request medical records, but it's important to have them if you're visiting a new doctor or moving somewhere new.

Geisinger Medical Center is a hospital located in Danville, Pennsylvania that serves as the main hospital for the Danville-based Geisinger Health System.

Geisinger Health System was a system founded over 100 years ago which aims to provide healthcare to citizens in the central, south-central, and northeast eastern parts of Pennsylvania.

Let's discuss how to request your , and how DoNotPay can help.

Does Geisinger Charge For Your Medical Records?

You can request your in four different ways. They are:

  1. Your myGeisinger MyChart Account
  2. Mail a Request Form
  3. Fax a Request Form
  4. Request Medical Records to be Sent to Someone Else

Geisinger does not charge a fee for requesting your medical records, no matter which method you choose. They are legally yours and they're free to obtain.

Are There Restrictions Regarding Requesting Medical Records?

Your private medical records are protected by state and federal laws. That means that nobody can access your medical records without your permission. Authorized medical professionals can also access your medical records, and if needed, a subpoena can allow the courts to have access to them as well.

Parents have the authorization to access the medical records of their minor children. Kids over age 13 are usually considered old enough to give permission regarding the release of their medical information.

Above all, your medical records are your private information, and Geisinger falsely obligated to protect them and release them to you at your request.

How You Can Get Your Geisinger Medical Records

At Geisinger, you can request your medical records in a few ways. If you'd like to request your Geisinger medical records on your own, you can use one of the following methods.

myGeisinger (MyChart)

If you've got a myGeisinger MyChart account, you can access your electronic health records anytime you'd like. You'll need to remember your username and password to log into your account, but from the portal, you can download and print any of your medical records from Geisinger. You can do this from your computer at home, a tablet, or your smartphone.

Geisinger Medical Records Contact Information

To request your medical records from Geisinger, you'll need to download the Patient Access Request form, print a hard copy, and fill it out. Make sure you sign and date the form before addressing the envelope or sending a fax.

You can mail or fax your medical records release form to:

Address100 N. Academy Avenue,

Danville, PA 17822-1311

Fax Number570-214-9523
Phone Number570-271-6319
WebsiteContact Us | Geisinger

If you're having trouble or if you've got questions about obtaining your , don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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DoNotPay can request your medical records, no matter the facility. Here are some of the places we can contact on your behalf:

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