How to Find Free Dental Clinics In Utah

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How to Find Free Dental Clinics In Utah

Cost is one of the most significant obstacles to accessing dental health care. While frequent visits to the dentist may be affordable to some, other residents of Utah do not share the same privilege. Free dental care clinics are the saving grace for these underprivileged people by coming to their aid and offering dental care services at no cost or an affordable price, thus impacting the oral hygiene of these people for the better. These clinics have the best low-income dentists available at the service of the financially underprivileged and those without insurance.

DoNotPay offers highly reliable assistance in finding the available free dental clinics on behalf of the hassle-free. This article provides essential information on how to easily and quickly find free dental clinics in Utah.

Low-cost healthcare is available because:

  1. The financial need is there for many
  2. Healthcare is an essential part of human life
  3. The government has an interest in keeping people healthy

Free or Low-Cost Dental Care for Low-Income Individuals/Senior Citizens/Children/Etc

has over 73 free and affordable facilities whose main objective is to offer dental services to low-income people, children, the uninsured, and the elderly. These facilities offer different comprehensive services, including dental checkups, tooth cleaning, tooth extractions, brace installation, etc. Furthermore, most of them even provide 24-hour services on weekdays and weekends. It would be a waste not to take advantage of these services. While the kind of service and amount of dental treatments provided by each center will vary substantially, they will almost certainly assist you in meeting your basic needs.

Make the first step by reaching out to these facilities and getting started on maintaining your oral well-being. Please note that while some clinics offer completely free services, some offer subsidized services, hence the need to inquire extensively about their quotes before making any further appointments.

Some easily accessible free and low-cost dental clinics in Utah include:

ClinicAddressPhone NumberNotes
Neighborhood Community Health Center1388 Navajo Street

Salt Lake City, UT - 84104

(801) 955-2360Offers a schedule of sliding fees to discount the cost of dental care for those patients with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty line.
Central City Community Health Center - Dental610 South 200 East

Salt Lake City, UT - 84103

(801) 539-8617Offers a schedule of sliding fees to discount the cost of dental care for those patients with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty line.
Wasatch Homeless Health Care/4th St. Clinic404 South 400 West

Salt Lake City, UT - 84101

(358) 523-4572Helps Utahns experiencing homelessness improve their health and quality of life by providing high-quality health care and support services.
UPFH Dental Clinic7651 South Main Street

Midvale, UT - 84047

(801) 417-0131Is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

charitable organization that provides funding, as well as medical and ancillary services for the underserved.

University Of Utah School of Dentistry530 Wakara Way

Salt Lake City, UT - 84108

(801) 587-6453If patients don't have dental insurance, they are offered to see a dental resident or a dental student is an excellent option.

The government has also stepped up and offered various programs that can get you free or subsidized dental services. These programs include Medicare, Medicaid, and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Next Step if You Can’t Find Free Dental Clinics in Utah Yourself

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