Easily File a Police Report in Seattle

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How to File a Police Report in Seattle the Easy Way

Filling a police report is vital to upholding the law and seeking justice against the perpetrators. If you have been a victim of a crime or witnessed one, you can file a police report in Seattle for several crimes, including a hit and run, stolen items, a car accident, or a stolen phone. Police reports provide critical evidence for prosecutors during criminal trials.

Filling a report can, however, be daunting, especially if you don't know where to start. That's where DoNotPay comes in. We're here to help you every bit of the way, from filing your police report online to tracking the report on your behalf for a successful prosecution. Read on to learn how to use DoNotPay to .

What Types of Reports Can Be Filed Online?

Online filing of police reports makes it easy to report a crime and saves you the hassle of having to go down to the precinct and fill out paperwork. The Seattle Police Department offers online filing for the following types of reports:

Lost propertyMissing property left somewhere by accident, like leaving a phone in the restaurant, cab or its missing at home
Identity theftSuspect knowingly obtains, possesses, and uses your identification information to access your details including bank information
ScammersObtains phone services using your personal information or obtains a credit card using your SSN
GraffitiProperty being intentionally damaged with paint, defacing the walls and windows of your property, like spray painting or using permanent markers to write a name, phrase, or draw images
Harassing phone callUnwanted, annoying, harassing and threatening phone calls from unknown suspects, like when someone uses obscene language, heavy breathing, and makes life-threatening remarks towards you
TheftObtaining property by force or without the knowledge of the owner. This includes burglary, theft of packages, and the suspect’s information is limited and unlikely to be identified. Common items that get stolen: wallets, bicycles, money from a gym locker, packages, etc.

What Is Required to File an Online Report?

Before filing an online police report in Seattle, ensure the crime has happened within the Seattle city limits, it isn't an emergency, and no known suspects or information can be followed up on. To file a police report online in Seattle, you will need the following:

  • When the crime happened (date and time)
  • Where the crime occurred (location, address, or intersection)
  • Your contact information, including name, date of birth, and driver's license number
  • Who was involved in the incident, their names, and contact information
  • A brief description of the property, including the model, serial number, make, and estimated value

How to File a Police Report in Seattle by Yourself

If you want to file a police report in Seattle, there are several ways you can do it. You can either visit your local precinct in person and file the report, or you can do it online. Follow these steps to report a crime online:

  1. Report the crime on the Seattle Police Department Online Reporting portal.
  2. Select the incident type and click on "Start Report."
  3. After completing the report, you will receive a notification "Your Online Report Has Been Submitted."
  4. You will then be given a temporary transaction number. Note, this is your confirmation number but not your official police report number.
  5. After approval of your report, you will receive an email with the official police report number.

The report will be filed under your name, so all the information must be accurate. Filing a false police report is illegal in Seattle. For emergencies, contact 911 immediately for a quick response.

Next Steps for Filing a Police Report If You Can't Do It Yourself

While you can file a police report on your own, the process can be intimidating and complicated. The process is lengthy, with tedious forms, and can be frustrating, especially when you're trying to focus on recovering from a crime. Fortunately, DoNotPay offers a convenient, easy, and quick way to file a police report in Seattle. You only need to provide the crime-specific details and leave the rest to us.

How to File a Police Report With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay simplifies the process of filing a police report in Seattle. You won't even break a sweat or leave the comfort of your home.

How to File a Police Report Using DoNotPay

If you want to file a police report but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps. These are:

  1. Search "police report" on DoNotPay and select the type of incident you would like to report.
  2. Tell us more about the incident that occurred, including the location, date, time, and sequence of events. Include information on financial losses, personal injuries, or property damage that happened as a result.
  3. List any suspects or witnesses you are aware of, verify your contact information, and submit.

Why Use DoNotPay to File a Police Report in Seattle

Using DoNotPay has distinct benefits. DoNotPay is:

  • Fast – There is no need to spend a couple of hours filling out forms at the precinct.
  • Easy – Just answer a few questions, and we'll take it from there. No need to keep track of your report.
  • Successful – DoNotPay has a high success rate helping thousands of users successfully file police reports. Rest assured, we shall do the same for you.

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