All About Filing a Police Report in Indianapolis, Indiana

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How to File a Police Report in Indianapolis Effortlessly

Did you witness, or are you a victim of a crime? After witnessing or being a victim of a crime, the first step is to report the case to the police. Reporting will help in tracking down the villains and getting compensation when needed.

When you , you help the police officers build the case, rescue those in need, and pursue justice for the victims.

Filing a police report might not be a straightforward process and might take a lot of time. DoNotPay makes the whole process easy and fast. Sign up on our website today and have your police report filed within minutes.

How to File a Police Report in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has different ways to file a report. The mode of filing the police report depends on the nature of the crime and urgency. You can file a police report in Indianapolis in the following three ways:

Visiting the police station near youWhen reporting in person, you should first gather all necessary information on what the incident was, locate the nearest police station, and bring valid IDs. Visit them during business hours and after filing your report, be sure to get a copy of the report. Give them a follow-up after a few days
Calling the policeCheck the web if they take phone calls. Give them a call and give them all valid information about yourself and why you called. State clearly what had happened. Arrange to meet with an officer if necessary and get a copy of the report. Don’t forget to do a follow-up.
On-line reporting to the Marion County Sheriff’s OfficeFirst gather all relevant information about the incident, go to their website then pick the type of report that aligns with what had happened Give them your personal information if they don’t accept anonymous reports. Print a copy of the report and give them a follow-up in two to three weeks.

Visit the police department offices only if the incident to be reported occurred nearby and is not an emergency. The most common way to file a police report in Indianapolis is by phone or online.

How Do I File an Emergency Report in Indianapolis?

You should do an emergency report when an incident has an immediate threat to a person’s life and/or property that needs an immediate response. Emergency reports are reports that might need the immediate attention of:

1. Police

2. Fire

3. Emergency Medical Services

Some examples of emergencies are crimes in progress, car accidents, fire, serious injury, hit-and-run accidents, or illness. If you are not sure about the status of the scenario, it is safe to classify it as an emergency case.

To file an emergency report in Indianapolis, you need to call 911.

There are a few guidelines to follow when filing an emergency report, such as:

  • Stay online with the receiver of the call
  • Try and remain calm through the call to help you give the right information
  • Provide the accurate address, location, and a vivid description of the scenario
  • Give your relationship with the victims or scenario, e.g., if you are a neighbor, a passerby, or a family member
  • Answer all questions directed your way accurately

The dispatch officer will give you the report’s status, e.g., the ambulance will be there in ten minutes or so.

How Do I File a Non-emergency Report in Indianapolis?

Non-emergency reports are done if the scenario meets the following guidelines;

  • Doesn’t involve a crime in progress
  • Doesn’t pose an imminent threat to life
  • Bodily injury
  • Major property damage or loss
  • Doesn’t require the immediate dispatch of a police unit

Instances such as stolen packages, items, and wallets require non-emergency police reports.

To file a report on a non-emergency case, call 352-732-9111 and have a police representative talk you through the process. You can file a report on any of the following scenarios via phone call:

  • When you know the suspect, where to find them, or the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect(s) was in
  • If there is evidence to be collected at the crime scene
  • If the stolen item is a motor vehicle or a license plate (tag) or tag decal?
  • If the item was stolen from your car
  • If the stolen item was prescription medication
  • If the incident involves a firearm or gun
  • If the stolen item has a serial number

Suppose you are unsure whether your case can be reported via a phone call; dial 317-327-3811 and report anyway. The receiving officer will direct you on the right way to file your report.

Can I File a Report Online in Indianapolis?

Online police report filing allows you to submit the report immediately and print a temporary copy of the report for free. Not all crimes can be reported online. You can report instances such as identity theft, scamming, and theft of a phone.

For you to report a case online, ensure that it meets the following guidelines:

  • Not an emergency case
  • The incident did not occur OUTSIDE of Marion County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction
  • You do not have a known suspect for the case
  • There is no evidence to be collected
  • You are not reporting a stolen motor vehicle or a lost/stolen license plate (tag) or tag decal
  • The item stolen was not from a vehicle or is a prescription medication
  • The stolen item did not have a serial number
  • The incident did not involve any firearm or gun

To file a police report online in Indianapolis, log in to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office On-Line Reporting website, select the incident you want to report, and follow through the process.

File a Police Report in Indianapolis With the Help of DoNotPay

There are many limitations when filing a police report on your own. Sometimes, the call-line can be very long, thus keeping you waiting for a long time. In not straightforward cases, it might be hard to differentiate whether you can file the report online or through the phone.

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  • List any suspects or witnesses you are aware of, verify your contact information, and submit.

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