Quickly File a Police Report Online in Tampa

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How to File a Police Report Online in Tampa

Tampa Police Department's online incident reporting system enables victims of non-emergency crimes to lodge a police complaint without having to wait for a law enforcement officer to arrive. If you have witnessed the commission of a crime or have been the victim of one, you should report to the police. To investigate a crime, the police will require as much information as possible. Even if there are other witnesses to the incident, any information you provide may be helpful.

With DoNotPay's new Police Report product, we'll help you for you by walking you through all of the evidence necessary and contacting the police on your behalf.

What Types of Reports Can Be Filed Online?

Common Crimes You Can Report

Types of Crimes That Can Be Filed Online but Require Additional Documentation

The following categories of offenses can be reported online but must be accompanied by signed documentation that can be attached during the filing process. If you are unsure about documentation, you can refer to Tampa's Mandatory Forms page before filing the report.

  • Check forgery
  • Phone scams
  • Identity theft
  • Credit and debit card fraud

Additional Crimes You Can File Online With Documentation

  • Car crashes on private property
  • Bicycle registration
  • Lost items
  • Camera registration

What Is Required to File an Online Report

You must be over 18 years old and possess a valid email account to file an online police report in Tampa. The incident you are reporting also has to have taken place in Tampa.

For your online report, you'll also need to furnish the following information:

Information about yourself, the victim (if not yourself), and your possessions (if applicable).

  • Identification Number (Driver's license, ID card, Social Security number, or passport.)
  • A concise description of the incident you're reporting.
  • When did the incident happen?
  • Information on the property (in case of theft or vandalism)

How to File an Online Police Report by Yourself

To file an online police report in Tampa:

  1. Provide your email and verifiable identification details.
  2. Fill out all the crime details, including time, location of the incident, and information on the property involved.
  3. You will receive an on-screen prompt as well as an interim case number confirming that the report has been submitted.
  4. Within 5 working days, a representative from the Tampa Police Department will review the case. You will be contacted by email when your case has been approved, and you will be issued a permanent case number.

If Tampa Police reject your case, you will be alerted by email of the reason for the decline and what action you must take next. A rejection mainly occurs when you fail to include all the necessary information, especially as navigating the online portal may be overwhelming when you are still recovering from a crime.

What if You Need to Modify the Report You Submitted?

You will be able to submit supplemental reports online. If you've previously submitted a report using the online system, you can keep using it to amend and update information. This reduces the likelihood of filing the same statement twice and makes it easier to keep your data linked to the correct case number.

Why Can't I Report All Crimes Online?

Only crimes with no identifiable suspects that are not ongoing and do not result in injury can be documented online.

Some crimes and situations may necessitate the collection of evidence or other investigating procedures that require the presence of an officer.

Online reporting is not acceptable for the following crimes or situations, among others:

  • Attempted or completed violent crimes
  • Hate crimes
  • Sexual crimes
  • Highway car crashes

How to File a Police Report Using DoNotPay

If you want to file a police report but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps. These are:

  1. Search "police report" on DoNotPay and select the type of incident you would like to report.
  2. Tell us more about the incident that occurred, including the location, date, time, and sequence of events. Include information on financial losses, personal injuries, or property damage that happened as a result.
  3. List any suspects or witnesses you are aware of, verify your contact information, and submit.

Why Use DoNotPay to File Online Police Reports in Tampa

  • Fast — Our experienced team will quickly and efficiently lodge your complaint.
  • Easy You only have to tell us about the crime, and we will file all the requirements for you.
  • Successful — You can rest assured knowing we'll make the best case for you.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Aside from helping you , DoNotPay can help you do the following:

Run searches for sex offendersDispute parking tickets
Lodge Insurance claimsSend Demand Letters To individuals and companies in small claims court
Standardize and notarize documentsSchedule appointments with the DMV

Contact us today and make sure that no crime goes unhandled. Feel free to also reach out to us for other consumer needs.

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