Easily Obtain Your Fairfax Hospital Medical Records

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How to Request Your Fairfax Hospital Medical Records

is a great place to receive quality medical care. But with more than 900 beds and many satellite facilities, the medical records department certainly have their hands full.

Patients often need copies of their medical records for a number of reasons. These may include providing vaccination status, understanding personal health, or sharing with new providers.

Medical records are important to have, for your health, safety, and maybe even livelihood. All patients have the right to their personal health information, thanks to HIPAA.

HIPAA grants patients the right to their own information, but it also ensures providers protect patient privacy. These protections mean that not just anyone can request medical records.

Hospitals and healthcare providers need patients to go through the proper channels before disseminating personal health information, including medical records.

DoNotPay has a foolproof way of requesting medical records, including Fairfax Hospital medical records.

Does Fairfax Hospital Charge for Medical Records?

Although HIPAA guarantees patients have access to their medical records, it also allows providers to charge a fee. This fee is intended to reimburse providers for some of the cost of delivering the records. Patients may be charged for:

  • Postage used to deliver the records
  • The labor involved in copying the medical records (but not the labor involved in searching for the records themselves)
  • Any other fees associated with copying the records

Fairfax hospital is within its rights to charge for medical records. However, they do not openly state whether or not medical records requests require payment. It is likely dependent on the type and length of the individual record. Fairfax hospital may charge for longer records.

Additionally, Fairfax hospital medical records requests are handled through the individual facility. Some of the Inova Fairfax locations may charge for medical records, while others may provide them for free.

How to Request Fairfax Hospital Medical Records on Your Own

Requesting medical records from Fairfax hospital may seem straightforward, but there are a lot of steps involved.

Here's how you request medical records from Fairfax hospital on your own:

  1. Navigate to their medical records website
  2. Download the request form in the language you desire
  3. Fill out the information request form
  4. Add your contact information
  5. Indicate which facility your records are from
  6. Choose what kind of records you need
  7. Indicate why you need your medical records
  8. Select your preferred method of delivery (electronic, mail, fax, etc.)
  9. Below the list of forms, click the arrow next to the facility you are requesting from
  10. Mail or fax the form based on the contact information provided for your facility

Some of the facilities require forms to be faxed, while others accept forms by both fax and mail.

Birth certificates are held at the Virginia Vital Records department, and should not be requested through the medical records department.

Here is the contact information for Fairfax Hospital:

Request Medical Records Webpagehttps://www.inova.org/patient-and-visitor-information/medical-records-request
Address3300 Gallows Road

Falls Church, VA 22042-3300


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Requesting Fairfax Hospital With DoNotPay

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