How to Obtain Your Elmhurst Hospital Medical Records

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How to Request Medical Records From Elmhurst Hospital

Most of us need medical care at some point, and it often involves blood tests, imaging scans, or various other tests.

Although you may simply rely on your provider to give you test results, you may have a need to access the records yourself. What if you switch doctors and do not want the new provider to start from scratch? Making your medical records available can save quite a bit of time and wasted effort.

However, getting your hands on personal medical information can be a time-consuming and annoying adventure – we can take care of the challenge for you.

Are There Offline Ways to Request Elmhurst Records?

You are not required to use the internet to ask for records. To obtain records by postal mail:

  1. Begin by clicking this form link: Authorization to Use and Disclose Health Information
  2. Print the form
  3. Fill it out by hand
  4. Mail it to:

Elmhurst Hospital or Affiliated Medical Groups

Attn: Medical Records Department

155 E. Brush Hill Road

Elmhurst, IL 60126

Health information privacy is taken seriously by the medical community, particularly thanks to federal law defined by HIPAA. The request form must ask you for personal information to help validate your identity, and it may include your birth date and the signature of a witness.

You may ask for the records to be sent to you or another person you authorize (your authorization will then be valid for 1 year or until you revoke it.)

What if I Need Help With My Request?

Contact the Medical Records Release of Information Department if you have any issues or questions:

Elmhurst Hospital: 331-221-6755

If you are asked to leave a voicemail, your message will be returned within 48 hours Mondays-Fridays.

When Will I Receive the Records?

Turnaround time for records is 7 to 10 business days.

Your request will be processed and sent to you using the method you request:

  • Paper
  • CD

A CD will be mailed if your request involves more than 100 pages of paper.

If you need records quickly, call Elmhurst Hospital at 331-221-6755 and schedule a time for records pick-up at one of their medical records locations.

What if I Need Special Documents?Birth or Death Certificate: Visit Illinois Department of Public Health

Verify the status of your baby's Social Security card: Contact your local Social Security office

Is There a Way to Access Records Online?Egrants online access to medical records using the popular healthcare service known as MyChart. It can be used as a website or installed as a tablet or phone app.
How Do I Use It?MyChart is a tool used by a large number of medical facilities.

Follow these instructions for Elmhurst Hospital:

Finding Records with an Existing MyChart Account

  1. Login to MyChart by entering MyChart Username, Password, and clicking Sign In
  2. Select Test Results to view results and other information
  3. To access any medical records not visible within MyChart, complete the mail-in form described above and check "Release to MyChart"

Access MyChart as a New User

  1. Visit MyChart Login
  2. Click the Sign Up Now button below New User?
  3. Select the Sign Up Online button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Be prepared to supply personal identifying information including birth date, Social Security Number, etc.
  5. Follow the instructions to completion

Can I See Radiology Images in MyChart?

Radiology images cannot be viewed using MyChart.

Visit Elmhurst Medical Record Department in person and bring your driver's license or photo ID to receive radiology image CDs.

Could I Share My Medical Records With Another Provider Using Mychart?

Yes, you may provide anyone with one-time login access to your MyChart account to view or print your records.

  1. Use MyChart to generate a one-time code
  2. Give the code and MyChart website name to the person needing access
  3. View this video for further help: Share My Record Video (5 minutes)

Isn't There Some Faster Way to Do All of This?

How to Request Medical Records Using :

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