How to Easily Obtain Your EAMC Medical Records

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How to Obtain Your EAMC Medical Records With DoNotPay

Getting a copy of your medical records should be easy, but it usually isn't. Instead of a straightforward process to get , it can take a lot more time and effort than necessary—even in the age of digital copies. But even though it can be a headache to get your hands on your own medical records, DoNotPay is here to simplify the entire process and make sure your right to your records is respected.

Why You Might Need Your EAMC Medical Records

One thing to always keep in mind when trying to obtain your East Alabama medical records is that you are legally entitled to them. Although it was much more complicated in previous eras, the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) made it crystal clear: healthcare providers must deliver their medical records upon request.

Here are some common situations that might require copies of your medical records:

  • If you have medical billing questions
  • If you're changing physicians
  • For your own general knowledge and reference
  • If you're obtaining life insurance

The most common situation for needing medical records is if you're changing physicians, as you will need to transfer documents to ensure your new physician has the right information to treat you. But even if you have no immediate need for your records, having a copy on hand can be extremely informative and allows you to be proactive if anything changes. About 80% of those who look at their medical records end up finding useful information.

How to Go About Getting Your EAMC Medical Records

If you need a copy of your , here's how to go about it on your own:

  1. Go to the medical records portion of the EAMC website
  2. Look over the EAMC HIPAA disclaimer
  3. If you have a patient portal, login
  4. If you do not have a patient portal, call the patient care line.
  5. Request a paper copy or electronic copy
  6. Request in-person pickup, mailed delivery, or e-delivery
  7. Follow up with the EAMC, if necessary

One thing to remember when obtaining medical records is to be specific; if you only want an electronic copy, make sure that is understood. For East Alabama Medical Center medical records, also note that you can only contact the patient care line Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST).

You can also make a request for medical records in person, which allows you to make requests outside of business hours for the patient care line. There are also situations where you can request medical records on someone else's behalf, but you must have standing (e.g., parent, caregiver, guardian). Remember that you will have to sign a release if picking up records in person or fill out a release form while requesting mailed or e-copies.

EAMC Medical Records Contact Information
EAMC Address122 N 20th Street Building

#28 Opelika, Alabama 36801

EAMC Patient Care Phone Number334-528-2261
EAMC Fax Number334-528-1598
EAMC Online AccessMy EAH
EAMC Contact FormContact Us

Fees and Other Considerations for Gathering Your EAMC Medical Records

Not only are you entitled to your records but there are also rules restricting providers from putting up barriers to getting them. If you request copies to be mailed, for example, a provider is not allowed to then make you physically come in. A provider also cannot restrict your medical records to an online portal, as this would significantly hinder those who are not tech-savvy. As long as a medical document can be scanned, it should be able to be included in a digital copy of your medical records.

It can even be helpful to check out some of the rules from a provider's perspective, giving you further insight into the medical-records release process before you start. Also, note that transferring medical records from one state to the next could add complications, and there are usually fees associated with obtaining medical records. It's actually a bit complicated in Alabama, but you typically will pay $1 per page for the first 25 pages and then $0.50 for every page after that, plus the possibility of a $5 search fee.

The Easy Route: Let DoNotPay Assist in Getting Your EAMC Medical Records

If you're requesting medical records, chances are you're not an expert, and you could end up spending much more time than necessary on what should be a simple request. Instead of doing it all yourself, DoNotPay will write a very straightforward letter to the correct provider or agency on your behalf, ensuring you will get the records you're legally entitled to as fast as possible.

Here's what to do:

  1. Look up medical records on DoNotPay's website.

  2. Enter the name of the health care provider you'd like to receive medical records from.

  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you'd like to send the records.

And you're done. Let DoNotPay do the legwork, and you will soon have your medical records in the format that you want them.

How DoNotPay Levels the Playing Field for Obtaining or Transferring Medical Records

There are different rules in different states for obtaining medical records, often making it unnecessarily complicated to access critical records you might need. But that's where DoNotPay steps in. Instead of learning the ins and outs of the medical records release process, DoNotPay takes the basic information you provide and generates a letter based on your specific location and request.

Here are just some of the other medical records services you can utilize through DoNotPay:

Saving Time and Money With DoNotPay

Having a expert and consumer watchdog in your back pocket can come in handy in many different situations in the complicated modern world. You can use DoNotPay to:

With a diverse spread of products, DoNotPay is here to assist whenever you need it the most.

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