Free Sample Car Repossession Dipute Letter Template

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Free Sample Car Repossession Dipute Letter Template

A car repossession may have a significant impact on your credit score and your ability to get future auto loans. If you take a vehicle loan, you may discover that having a repossession on your credit report means you are paying considerably more than the car is worth or that you are paying exorbitant interest rates. It's preferable to use a dispute letter to protest the entry if the information is wrong or the repossession is not yours.

Here is a sample of a car repossession dispute letter template for challenging collection activities related to a deficiency from a motor vehicle repossession.


Your Full Name

Your address

Your address

Address of the Collection Department (City, State, Zip)

Original Creditor's Name OC's Address

Original Seller's Name (car dealer)

OS's address

Account # XXXX (collection agency)

Account # XXXX (original creditor)

Make of Car:



Whom This Letter Is Addressed To:
I'm writing regarding the accounts and transactions mentioned above.

This car was repossessed on xx/xx/XXXX by (Original Creditor) in the state of (Your State) and resold on or about xx/xx/XXXX.

A deficit cannot be asserted under the laws of the State of (XXXX), UCC (XXXX), and State MVISA and RISA legislation unless all required notices were issued sufficiently and quickly, and all applicable redemption and remedy time restrictions were observed.

Please submit copies of the notifications and documentation of the subject vehicle's selling commercially acceptable.

If no proof of a deficit is produced within 14 days of receiving this notification, the purported claim of a deficiency will be void, and any further collection efforts or reporting of this invalid claim on my credit reports would be considered a violation of the FDCPA and FCRA.

In addition, if you cannot comply with the requirements above individually or collectively, I retain the right to pursue damages from all parties under all applicable State and Federal legislation and UCC - 9 remedies.


Sign your name

DoNotPay will make sure your issue gets sent to the right place. We'll upload confirmation documents to your task for you to view, and if the contacts need information, they will reach out to you personally via email or mail.

Car Repossession Laws in Kentucky

Your creditor has the authority to repossess your encumbered car without notice, as stated in your loan agreement. A representative can take your automobile from your driveway or a public location if you have broken the contract conditions by failing to make payments. However, regulations exist that give some protection to debtors in this circumstance.

Any of the following is illegal for a Kentucky creditor to do:

  • To take your automobile, use physical force.
  • Remove a car from an enclosed place, such as a garage, without first receiving permission from the property owner.
  • Sell your repossessed vehicle without giving the required notice.
  • Sell the car at a meager price.

What Is a Breach of Peace?

The law makes it illegal for a repo person to cause a "breach of the peace" during the repossession process. Using or threatening physical violence and breaking into closed facilities during a vehicle loan repossession violates the peace.

What Is Wrongful Repossession of a Vehicle?

When a customer is not in default or has fixed the default, but the creditor nevertheless repossesses the car, this is known as wrongful repossession.

It occurs when an agent breaks into a garage, cuts a lock, or pulls a pistol out and violates peace while repossessing the car.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Repossession in Kentucky?

If you do not recover your repossessed vehicle by the deadline, Kentucky repossession regulations enable the lender to sell it at auction. After the auction, the lender will send you another notice telling you of the amount your repossessed vehicle sold for.

What Do You Do if Your Car Is Illegally Repossessed?

Repossession can be illegal. Hiring a lawyer might be quite beneficial if they illegally took your car from you without your permission. A good lawyer will tell you if the repossession was or not. He will then submit a complaint with the lender or send demand letters to in court to ensure that you have your vehicle back.

Can You Send Demand Letters To for Wrongful Repossession?

Yes. If your vehicle was wrongfully repossessed, you might send demand letters to for compensation. If the repo company (and the lender) illegally repossess your car, you can claim damages. The defendants may be obliged to pay your fees and court costs.

Alternatively, if they don't comply with your demand for compensation, you can escalate the case to Small Claims Court using DotNotPay's Complaint Letters product.

How To Let DoNotPay Help You With Car Repossessions

DoNotPay can help you file a demand letter for wrongful possession using your state's laws and help you reclaim your vehicle. If the repo is valid, pay off any balance you owe to reclaim your vehicle. If you can't afford the payments, DoNotPay can help you ask for a payment plan or negotiate the balance you owe.

  1. Search "car repossession," on DoNotPay and select whether your car has been repossessed or is in danger of being repossessed.
  2. Enter the state you financed this vehicle in, and let us walk you through your state's repossession laws to see if your car was or is being wrongfully repossessed.
  3. If we can make a case for wrongful repossession, DoNotPay will file a demand letter on your behalf to the lender to fight against.

And that's it. DoNotPay will make sure your issue gets sent to the right place. We'll upload confirmation documents to your task for you to view, and if the contacts need information, they will reach out to you personally via email or mail.

Why Use DoNotPay To Help You With Car Repossessions

DoNotPay is the best option because:

  1. Fast — You won't have to wait hours for your repossessed vehicle to be recovered.
  2. Easy — You won't have to waste time filling out lengthy paperwork or keeping track of all the steps required in obtaining your repossessed vehicle.
  3. Successful — You can relax knowing that we'll present your case in the best perspective possible.

DoNotPay Works Across All Companies/Entities/Groups With the Touch of a Button

DoNotPay can help you resolve other issues with many distinct entities.

For example;

  • DoNotPay can help you request lower payment plans in Kentucky the same way it could for California.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay also offers other services such as;

Was your vehicle repossessed irregularly? can help you file a wrongful possession demand letter and reclaim your car using your state's laws. In addition, if the repossession was legitimate and you cannot pay, can assist you in arranging a payment plan or reducing the unpaid balance.

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