How to Get Your Capital Health Medical Records

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How to Easily Request Medical Records From Capital Health

Established in 1889, Capital Health Regional Medical Center has been there to provide quality, comprehensive care for their patients. With over two hospital locations as well as several primary care facilities in the New Jersey area, Capital Health continues to strive to be the regional leader in health and wellness.

When it comes to getting medical records from Capital Health, the process is similar to that of other hospitals, such as Baptist Hospital and Mercy Hospital. What is the process for requesting Capital Health medical records? Read on to learn about transfers with this DoNotPay guide.

Which Reports Can Be Requested From Capital Health?

As with other hospitals, a patient can request any medical records related to their health care at Capital Health. Capital Health Regional Medical Center helps patients by listing several medical records that can be requested. The following are the medical records which are specified by Capital Health:

  • Abstract Reports (such as discharge report, test results, and operative reports)
  • Consultation Reports
  • Entire Medical Records
  • EKGs and EEGs
  • Immunization Records
  • Lab Reports
  • X-ray Reports

You also have the option to request other reports not mentioned in the request form.

How to Request Capital Health Medical Records

There are two ways in which to request copies of your medical records from Capital Health. These options depend on what type of medical records you are looking for as well as the format in which you would like to receive them. Here are the two options for requesting your medical records from Capital Health:

Mail-In Request

In order to request medical records, you will need to fill out Capital Health's medical record authorization form. To find this form to fill out, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Capital Health Regional Medical Center's website.
  2. From there, click on the Patients and Visitors tab.
  3. Once there, scroll down to the Patient Services list and click the Request Your Medical Records tab.
  4. Next, click the first line with the highlighted link. This will take you to the medical request authorization form, which you can print out.
  5. Fill out the form and mail it to one of Capital Health's hospital addresses listed below according to where you received treatment:

You should then receive your medical records within a few weeks or less. Depending on the type and amount of copies you are requesting for your medical records, you may need to pay a small processing fee. However, it depends on the facility from which you received treatment.

Call Capital Health's Radiology Department

In order to request copies of your CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans, Ultrasounds, and/or X-rays, you need to call the department according to which scan or image you are requesting. The following are the phone numbers for each Capital Health location:

  • Capital Health Regional Medical Center's Radiology Department: (609) 394-6069
  • Hopewell Capital Health Medical Center's Radiology Department: (609) 303-4295

When you call, you can ask to get a copy of your images or scans on a CD. They may ask you for your name and other pertinent information regarding your request. In addition, you can also contact Capital Health for assistance by using one of the following methods below:

FacilityAddressPhone NumberFax
Capital Health Regional Medical Center750 Brunswick Avenue Trenton, NJ 08638609-394-4460609-695-5045
Capital Health Medical Center - HopewellOne Capital Way Pennington, NJ 08534609-303-4085609-303-4093

Their office hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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