Get Access to Your Cape Cod Hospital Medical Records

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How to Easily Request Cape Cod Hospital Medical Records

Cape Cod Hospital patients may need to request copies of their medical records at some point. Medical records are legally protected so that unauthorized parties are not able to see confidential patient information. Under HIPAA, patients can request copies of their own medical records for either personal use or send to other relevant parties, like insurance providers.

It is possible to request your Cape Cod Hospital medical records by yourself, but you might spend a lot of time doing this. Cape Cod Hospital offers patients several ways to access their medical records, but this can lead to the process being more confusing rather than more convenient. Instead of wasting time researching how to request , there is a way to get it done quickly and easily.

You can turn to DoNotPay and the Request Medical Records product to help!

Get Your Medical Records from Cape Cod Hospital

According to the Cape Cod Hospital website, there are two main methods that patients can follow to get copies of their medical records. Below are steps to submit a form for your medical record or sign up for the Cape Cod Hospital patient website.

Fill Out and Send an Authorization Form

One of the methods of obtaining your medical records from Cape Cod Hospital is to fill out the authorization form found on the hospital's website. The following steps can help you avoid missing important information on the form:

  1. At the top of the form, note if you would like an electronic version of your records. This may be sent to you quicker than physical mail.
  2. Make sure that you check the box authorizing Cape Cod Hospital to send your medical records.
  3. State the years that you would like medical records from.
  4. Identify whether you authorize sensitive information to be included in the records.
  5. After completing the form, you can submit it through fax, email, or mail.

View Records through the MyChart Service

Cape Cod Hospital allows patients to view medical information through the online patient portal MyChart. The registration page for this website can be found here. If you are a patient at Cape Cod Hospital, you should be allowed to sign up for an account.

Cape Cod Hospital Contact Information
AddressAttention: Medical Records

Cape Cod Healthcare

27 Park Street

Hyannis, MA 02601

Phone Number(508)-862-5540
Fax(508) 790-4548

Why Would You Want to Transfer Your Cape Cod Hospital Medical Records?

Medical records are transferred when you see a new doctor so that they can see your medical history to better provide treatment.

In addition to using the two methods listed above to send methods to yourself, you can also use them to transfer records to other physicians' offices. If you fill out the authorization form, be sure to indicate the reason for sending the records and the address that the records need to go to.

If you are beginning to see a doctor at Cape Cod Hospital, you will need to transfer your medical records from your previous doctor to the doctor at Cape Cod Hospital. Instead of researching the other doctor's records and requesting procedures, DoNotPay can help.

Does Cape Cod Hospital Charge a Fee for Copies of Medical Records?

Some hospitals charge patients a fee for obtaining a copy of their medical records. However, Cape Cod Hospital does not appear to have fees for their medical records. All Cape Cod Hospital patients should be able to access MyChart.

If You Need to Request Medical Records from Cape Cod Hospital, Let DoNotPay Help

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  1. Look up medical records on DoNotPay’s website.

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  3. Answer a few questions about your provider and where you’d like to send the records.

DoNotPay And the Request Medical Records Product Work across All Hospitals

Every physician's office has its own methods of requesting medical records, which means looking up more addresses and signing up for more patient portals. Thankfully, DoNotPay's Request Medical Records service can be used for requesting medical records from anywhere. The same 3 steps used for Cape Cod Hospital work everywhere else!

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