Request Your CAMC Medical Records In 3 Easy Steps

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Request Your CAMC Medical Records In 3 Easy Steps

First, understand that a reliable medical record serves the interests of both patients and practitioners. For that reason, the treating doctor should properly document the management of any patient under their care.

Additionally, medical record keeping has become a science. The reason is that the key to dispensability of most medical negligence claims focuses on the quality of medical records. That suggests that proper record keeping is the only way a doctor can prove that treatment is carried out accordingly.

That makes (CAMC) medical records the only source of truth since they are more reliable than memory.

CAMC Medical Records Challenges At The Face of COVID-19

Indeed, Covid-19 has impacted the operations of various establishments, and CAMC is no exception. The reason is that at some point, staffing shortages and a surge in COVID patients disrupted CAMC operations.

Eventually, the pressure forced CAMC to relax some electronic record-keeping standards. The implication is that as COVID patients increased, procedure became a full-time disaster mode response.

That explains why nurses at the facility prioritized patient care and focused on electronic record-keeping only when possible. After some time, concerns about the possible condition and medication errors emerged.

In its part, CAMC acknowledged that although the emergency plan suggested possible issues, there were no changes in its care standard. CAMC continued to shift its medical records burden to urgent care centers with time. However, the walk-in clinic had its staffing issues compounded by Covid-19.

What Are The Objectives of Maintaining CAMC Medical Records?

Medical records are part and parcel of the operations of every health facility out there because they address the following.

1. Statistical studies and medical audits.

2. Monitoring of actual patients.

3. Malpractice suits.

4. Medical research.

5. Will, insurance, criminal, personal injury, and workers' compensation cases.

6. Paramedical or dental/medical education.

Precautions to Take When Issuing Particular CAMC Medical Records

CertificatesAccording to the doctor issuing the document, a medical certificate is written evidence of the truth of a certain fact.

That suggests that the issuing doctor is liable for punishment if the medical certificate they issue is proved false upon admission in a court of law as evidence. Below are a few things worth noting when issuing a CAMC medical certificate.

  • A doctor should maintain a duplicate copy of each certificate.
  • A medical certificate should be on the doctor/institution letterhead.
  • Unless required by law, the disclosure of diagnosis should only be after a patient's express consent.
  • The date, place, and time should appear in the medical certificate.
  • The period of illness should be expressly mentioned.
  • Issuing a medical certificate should happen only when necessary and for legitimate reasons.
  • The patient's identification mark, preferably a thumb impression, should be on the medical certificate.
  • A medical certificate should be clear, true, and without ambiguity.
PrescriptionWhen issuing a medical prescription, the preferable option is using CAMC's OPD slip or a doctor's letter pad. So, a chemist or drug company prescription pad should never be used in this case. Also, the hospital/institution name and patient's address, name, age, and sex should appear on the prescription.

Where possible, the prescribed drug should be visible or in capital letter, and details of its total quantity, strength, duration of use, and dose frequency should be available. Additionally, information on what to avoid and other precautionary instructions should appear below the main drug.

A prescription slip should also contain any investigation advised, and the patient should be called once the process is complete

Discharge CardThe discharge card should be supervised or filled by the consultant in charge. A discharge card should bear several details, including detailed advice on discharge and the patient's admission, treatment given, and the investigation performed.

Where operation notes are available, they should be correct. Otherwise, one should only mention the operation's name and provide a separate note in detail if necessary. A patient should also be advised to report back immediately if complications are expected after discharge.

Also, discharge instructions must be clear and elaborative. So, one should avoid using a poor opinion of the patient, abbreviations, sarcasm, and code messages in this case.

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