Immediately Report Best Buy Credit Card Fraud

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How to Deal with Best Buy Credit Card Fraud Using DoNotPay

According to data from the Federal Trade Commission, there were 393,207 reports of credit card fraud in 2020. And that saw it cut it among the most common forms of identity theft, with only government benefits fraud ranking above it last year.

If you fall victim to , the best way forward is to report the issue to the FTC and your local law enforcement. However, doing so could prove strenuous considering the time-consuming nature of and protocols involved with cybercrime cases.

But don't worry. With DoNotPay, you can do everything necessary without disrupting your everyday schedule. Let's see how you can make this happen.

Signs That Your Identity Is Stolen

Often, cases aren't apparent and only become so when it's already too late. However, the following scenarios can be clues to identity theft:

  • You realize unauthorized and unfamiliar activity on your credit card report or credit card.
  • You receive strange bills, or your bills go missing
  • Getting calls from debt collectors
  • Notifications about your details being susceptible to data breaches
  • Your checks bounce, or your bank statement seems off

Measures to Preventing Identity Theft

There may not be a definite way to prevent identity theft. But through the following measures, you can make things hard for identity thieves:

  1. Employ strong passwords and an extra authentication step
  2. Shred before disposing of documents with personal details
  3. Review your bank and credit card statements and reports frequently
  4. Always collect your mail
  5. Freeze your credit

Best Buy Identity Theft – Dealing with It

Best Buy is aware of the increased rate of fraud scams and cybercrime. They even have a team of experts striving to identify and halt any fraudulent scams from succeeding.

In the worst case of you falling prey to Best Buy identity theft, the company advises you to:

  1. Report your Identity Theft incident to the Federal Trade Commission, your local police department, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center
  2. Contact your credit card issuer or bank institution to halt any unauthorized activities and transactions.
  3. Change any potentially compromised passwords.

Reporting Identity Theft to the Federal Trade Commission

Here are easy steps you can follow to report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Get started."
  3. Pick a statement that best describes what happened, e.g., in our case (Best Buy credit card fraud), select "I want to report another type of identity theft."
  4. The website will direct you to another page where you'll select what your information was used for. In our case, it's " credit card accounts."
  5. Show how your details were misused. Either the identity thief made charges to your credit card account or opened a fraudulent credit card account.
  6. Provide more specific details. The FTC will then use the information to create your recovery plan and file the Identity Theft Report.

If your incident involves child, medical, or tax identity theft, look for the FTC's special forms of identity theft. But again, following up on credit card issues may turn out to be tedious and complicated. And that's where DoNotPay comes in.

How DoNotPay Can Help

Below are ways in which DoNotPay's new "Identity Theft" product can help with Best Buy credit card fraud:

  1. File for an FTC official report
  2. Contact your credit bureau to freeze credit reports and issue fraud alerts
  3. File for a police report

DNP can help with three primary forms of identity theft:

FinancialThis type of identity theft involves the use of personal information to take over a person's finances and accounts.
MedicalThis form of identity theft involves someone using your health insurance information to see a doctor, obtain prescription drugs, and file fraudulent claims.
OnlineThe act of stealing identities online in order to perpetuate fraud.

Additionally, DoNotPay can also help with other related Identity Theft problems through ways such as:

  • Alerting state agencies in cases of unemployment insurance fraud
  • Contacting the IRS in cases of tax fraud
  • Alerting the National Center for Disaster Fraud in cases involving unemployment insurance fraud

What To Do

  1. Search "Identity Theft" on DoNotPay and choose the kind of incident you wish to report.

  2. Provide more details on the incident, including financial loss, date, time, location, and even suspect information (if you have any).

  3. DoNotPay will determine whether you should file a police report, contact state agencies, file an FTC report, freeze your credit report, or contact the IRS. And after guiding you through the best actions to take, we'll handle the rest on your behalf.

That's all. DoNotPay will ensure your reports reach the right recipient. And if the authorities request more details, they will contact you personally through mail or email.

Why Use DoNotPay to Report Best Buy Credit Fraud?

FastAvoid the time-consuming protocols that accompany the filing of FTC and police reports.
EasyWe'll do the tedious forms and monitor the situation for you.
SuccessfulWatch us make you smile in the end.

Other Services by DoNotPay

We can help you act better in Best Buy credit fraud cases alongside other forms of identity theft. However, that's not all we do. Below are some additional services DoNotPay offers, which you could employ in different circumstances:

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