Obtain Your Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Medical Records

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How to Obtain Medical Records From Arrowhead Regional Hospital

The Arrowhead Regional Medical Center represents one of the country's premier comprehensive stroke centers. Serving the San Bernardino community for over 20 years, ARMC continues to work on its goal to become a world-class medical center. This Joint Commission-certified stroke center employs over 3500 individuals, including over 400 doctors and 182 resident physicians. ARMC uses the latest scientific technology to serve its patients and boasts awards from the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association.

If you’ve been a patient at this facility, you don’t automatically receive your health records maintained by ARMC. If you need your , you can request them from the Health Information Management. DoNotPay will save you time and frustration.

HIPAA Gives You the Right to Access Your Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Records

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed as federal legislation in 1996. The patient maintains the right to obtain both manual and electronic and hard copy records regardless of the date of the information. Additionally, the patient may access the protected health information or PHI to view it, receive a copy, or both.

The Privacy Rule within that legislation gives individuals the right to obtain medical information from healthcare providers. The patient may ask for access to the protected health information or PHI to inspect it, get a copy, or both.

The Designated Record Set consists of a group of records covered by an entity that consists of the following as covered under 45 CFR 164.05:

  • Medical records
  • Billing records
  • Enrollment records, payments, claim adjustments, or any medical management record system maintained by or for a health plan
  • Miscellaneous records used to decide about individuals- The individual who requests the information does not need to be the named individual in question.

Are Electronic Copies of Medical Records Available Through Arrowhead Regional Medical Center?

Like many modern healthcare facilities, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center provides patients the opportunity to set up a MyChart Patient Portal that allows them to view and print records, schedule appointments, and become involved in their healthcare.

Thanks to federal HIPAA legislation, you may view your medical records as easily as your bank account. Before setting up your Patient Portal, make sure to gather the following information:

  • Social Security Number
  • ID or Member Number associated with a hospital
  • Date of birth, including the year
  • Address, email, phone number,
  • Specific records requested

Methods of delivery include email, fax, or physical documents mailed, or delivered to the Patient Portal.

Are All Medical Records Obtainable?

It's important to note that not everything in a patient's medical file qualifies as available to the patient. If the PHI doesn't fall under the designated record set, patients most likely can't retrieve or view it. Some of the information not accessible to an individual includes the following:

  1. Information relating to business decisions and performance evaluations of the hospital or healthcare facility and staff. This information improves customer service and the patient experience. It doesn't relate to the patient's health.
  2. Personal psychotherapy notes taken by the mental health care provider during a counseling session don't qualify as part of the patient's medical record.
  3. Information intended for evidence or use in criminal or civil court proceedings such as a lawsuit makes sense to keep a copy of your medical records in your home health file.

How to Obtain Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Records on Your Own

Some of the benefits of keeping your medical records handy include the following:

  • It may save you from needing duplicate tests.
  • It will help prepare you for a medical emergency.
  • Your documents may assist you in making better health decisions.

You may obtain your medical records from ARMC in the following ways:

  1. Go to the Patient Portal to view your medical chart.
  2. Complete an authorization form for the release of medical information and send the request by fax or mail. The forms are available in Spanish and English.
  3. Bring your completed form to the Health Information Management office.

You will receive the records requested from the portal as soon as they become available. If you submit the form through the mail or in person, receiving the requested document takes about ten business days.

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Contact Information
ARMC Websitehttps://www.arrowheadregional.org/
Medical Records DepartmentHealth Information Management

Lower Level of ARMC 400 N. Pepper Ave.

Colton, CA 92324

Hours8 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday
Phone Number909-580-0060
Fax909-580-1046 Attn: Release of Information

Is There a Cost Involved With Obtaining Arrowhead Regional Medical Records?

If you use the MyChart Patient Portal, you won't receive a charge for accessing your medical records. If you order paper copies of your records, the charge amounts to a flat $15 processing fee and 25 cents per page. Those with an extensive medical history may see the expenses add up quickly.

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