All About Wildfire Rental Assistance

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All About Wildfire Rental Assistance

Are you looking for information about the Program in the state of Arizona? Arizona has the 12th highest poverty rate in the U.S., and 19.1% of Arizona children live in poverty.

Community Action Programs like Wildfire are looking at putting an end to those numbers.

In this post, let's take a look at the Wildfire Rental Assistance Program in the state of Arizona, and the pitfalls encountered with Wildfire Rental Assistance. Let us show you how to get Wildfire Rental Assistance with DoNotPay.

What Is Wildfire Rental Assistance?

Rental assistance programs across the nation were implemented as an afterthought of the ill effects of Covid-19. These small local offices were soon feeling the effects of the virus through the sheer number of applicants that were walking in and needing rental assistance immediately.

That scenario was not the case with the Program in Arizona.

The Arizona Community Action Association changed its name to Wildfire to align this resource with a new marketing campaign aimed at igniting change to end poverty. The name may be new and different, but this agency has been providing rental and utility assistance for the residents of Arizona since 1967.

Wildfire AZ (Arizona) could connect families with services beyond rental assistance, like:

  • Additional Community Action Agencies
  • SNAP EBT benefits (food stamps)
  • People's Information Guide
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Advice for the elderly

Even if you did not need rental assistance, the Wildfire Program could direct you to the available services you needed for your specific problem by visiting their offices or website.

Meeting Eligible Requirements for Wildfire

Their first attempt at streamlining the process was to produce a set of documents outlining the eligibility criteria for the Wildfire Rental Assistance Program. It includes information like:

  • Documents to verify the current financial situation
  • Documents to verify rent due or behind
  • Proof of identity
  • Supporting documents from the landlord
  • Supporting documents from an employer if the income had changed due to Covid
  • Supporting documents from health care professionals (if Covid had been a contributing factor)

It was designed to put the neediest families in line first for benefits.

No one could have anticipated the number of eligible candidates that were soon flooding the Wildfire Rental Assistance Program's offices due to circumstances brought about by the Coronavirus.

The entire process of applying for and receiving Wildfire benefits needed a solution beyond a document of requirements. That is when Arizona State University got involved.

Arizona State University and Wildfire Rental Assistance Programs

Arizona State University and Smart City Cloud Innovation Center began a collaborative effort with Wildfire to come up with new software specifically for the Wildfire Rental Assistance Program.

The 1.7 million residents needed fast access to the 2.3 million dollars allocated to the area for rental assistance.

There was a need for applicants to be able to access these benefits from anywhere using a connected device without having to;

  1. Schedule appointments
  2. Miss days of work
  3. Provide child care for those appointments
  4. Wait to see if they qualified for benefits

The Wildfire Rental Assistance Program now had the ability for applicants to access the system for a seamless transaction from application through payment.

What they were not planning and adapting for was the amount of traffic about to come their way with a broad spectrum of needs beyond rental and utility assistance.

Associated Problems With the New Approach

System crashes, users being confused about using the interface, and the amount of traffic coming through the newly developed Wildfire portal led to immediate disapproval on a statewide scale.

Users of the Wildfire portal voiced displeasure over several issues most of which centered around the fact they would rather speak to an individual when life-threatening circumstances were facing their families.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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