Cash Back Benefits of the Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card

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Cash Back Benefits of the Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card

Stores and companies routinely offer sales, rebates, and cash back opportunities, and it is wise for consumers to take advantage of these opportunities. Cash back is an excellent, and fairly simple way to "earn" back some of the money that you were going to spend anyway, and it usually takes no extra effort on your part. If getting some of your money back in your pocket is important, and you want to know if opportunities exist, DoNotPay is here to help.

Does the Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card Offer Cash Back?

No, there is no indication that the Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card offers cash back.

According to WalletHub, the Wells Fargo Platinum Credit Card does not offer cash back, nor does it appear to be accepting new applications. There is also no information about the Platinum credit card on the Wells Fargo website.

Do Other Wells Fargo Credit Cards Offer Cash Back?

Although the is not a viable opportunity for earning cash back with a credit card, the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card is specifically designed to offer premium cash back opportunities.

Cash Back Benefits

  • You can earn a $200 cash rewards bonus if you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months.
  • You will earn unlimited 2% cash rewards on qualifying purchases.
  • No reward category limitations
  • Rewards don't expire while your account is active.

Redeeming Your Cash Back Rewards

  • Rewards can be redeemed:
    • for purchases - as little as $1
    • to a qualifying Wells Fargo credit card, checking account, or mortgage
    • at an ATM in $20 increments
    • for gift cards in $25 increments
  • You can redeem rewards through Paypal when shopping online
  • Redeem on your desktop, mobile device, the phone, at an ATM or in your local branch


Even though the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card has no reward category limitations, there are a few basic exclusions. These include cash advances, balance transfers, wire transfers, money orders, prepaid gift cards, lottery tickets, online bets/wagers, and other similar types of transactions. It is very important that you read through the credit card terms, to verify the types of purchases and transactions that will earn cash back.

Getting Cash Back From Your Wells Fargo Credit Card by Yourself

You can contact a Wells Fargo branch to inquire about applying for a credit card, or you can apply online.

  1. Navigate to the Wells Fargo credit card page.
  2. Click on the small text link that says "important credit card terms" directly above the Apply Now button.
  3. Read the terms - you want to ensure that you understand the credit card offers, annual percentage rate, the cash back program, and other associated fine print.
  4. Click the Apply Now button when you are ready to proceed.
  • Sign in if you are an existing customer
  • Create a new account if you do not have one
  1. Fill out the online application accurately with the required information.
  2. Wells Fargo will notify you if/when your application is approved
  3. When you are approved, you can begin to shop responsibly and start earning cash back on your purchases.

Do Other Credit Cards Offer Cash Back?

Yes, several other credit cards have cash back programs, including, but not limited to:

Apple CardCitiDiscover
Walmart Capital Oneand more!

When you are looking for credit cards that offer cash back, you must compare their offers and terms to find the best credit card for cash back and the best value for your particular spending habits and budget. The research and comparison process can be a bit tedious and time-consuming, so DoNotPay is prepared to help you find all of the best cash back opportunities!

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