Pro Hack That'll Earn You Cash Back on Walmart Purchases

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Pro Hack That'll Earn You Cash Back on Walmart Purchases

As one of the leading retail stores in the US, Walmart allows its customers to get cashback at the self-checkout stations and regular checkout lines. However, this is subject to the condition of you shopping with a debit card or a check.

Generally, cashbacks have limits depending on the service provider in question.

The Walmart cashback limit falls at $120. You can receive Walmart cashbacks in $20 increments, up to a $120 total in cashback transactions. However, the depends on the payment method you use.

Getting the full cashback from Walmart is not easy. As a first-time Walmart shopper or a party interested in claiming cashbacks, the process is vigorously challenging as you try to maximize your Walmart cashback limit.

Luckily, DoNotPay offers related services with no hassle. DoNotPay can help you get the deserved Walmart cashback limit. Read further to understand more about Walmart's cashback limit.

Does Walmart Do Cashbacks?

Yes, it does. As a Walmart customer, you can get $20-$100 cashback for every debit card transaction. You can also request a Walmart cashback up to thrice a day. Moreover, there is a $20 max cashback for checks as well as $120 for Discover credit cards. Walmart's cashback denominations are $20, $40, $60, and $100.

How Much Cashback Can You Get at Walmart?

As previously mentioned, you can get up to $120 in cashback transactions at Walmart. When getting Walmart cashbacks, you typically receive them in multiples of $20. You also don't have to spend a certain amount of money to qualify for a cashback.

Is There a Fee for Cashback at Walmart?

You won't be charged a fee to get cashbacks for most payment forms. However, Walmart reps recommend consulting with the local stores to confirm if they have any charges.

To get your cashback at Walmart, you must make a purchase. If not, you may have to use one of the ATMs provided in the store. Ordinarily, there is no fee charged since it is not considered a cash advance.

What Is the Maximum Cashback at Walmart?

$120 is the limit for a typical . As noted before, this limit depends on the payment method used to purchase items from Walmart. If you pay with a debit card, you can receive up to $100 cashback from self-checkout registers and regular cash registers.

However, if you pay via a personal check, you can only receive $20 cashback, which should come from an ordinary cash register.

Additionally, Walmart takes part in a Discover cashback program. If you pay using Discover, you can receive up to $120 cashback from self-checkout and normal registers. When shopping at Walmart using a credit card, ensure you use Discover credit card to get a generous cashback.

Discover is considered among the best cashback credit cards in major retailers and stores countrywide.

How to Get Cashback at Walmart

Getting your Walmart cashback depends on your payment method. If you are shopping at Walmart using a debit card, follow these steps to get your cashback:

  1. You must be a paying customer.
  2. Checkout at your preferred register—whether self-checkout or normal register.
  3. Run your card as debit.
  4. Answer 'Yes' if the machine asks if you want a cashback. If not, tell the cashier.
  5. Key in your pin.
  6. Pay for your purchase using the cashback total.
  7. Get your cashback with the receipt.

On the other hand, if you are paying via check:

  • Shop
  • Checkout at the normal register.
  • Inform the cashier that you want a $20 cashback.
  • Write the check for the shopping total and your cashback.
  • Pay using the cashback total.
  • You will receive your cashback with the receipt after verification.

If you are shopping via credit cards:

  • Shop.
  • Checkout at any register.
  • Answer 'Yes' if the machine asks if you want a cashback.
  • Say the amount you need.
  • Pay for your shopping using the cashback total.
  • You will get your cash with your receipt.

Claiming your Walmart cashback by yourself can be hectic.

How to Get Walmart Cashback With the Help of DoNotPay

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