Can You Get Cash Back on a Shell Credit Card?

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Can You Get Cash Back on a Shell Credit Card?

Shell cash back is a great reason to have a Shell Fuel Rewards Card or a Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard. Many people ask, "Does Shell do cash back?" and the answer is yes, both cards offer cash back rewards.

Shell, also called Royal Dutch Shell, has been in business since 1897 when it just sold kerosene. Today, it operates in about 70 countries, including the USA and American territories, where its cash back cards earn you rewards for buying its top-tier gasoline and its other products.

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How to Get Shell Cash Back Rewards and How Much You Get

Shell's two cash back reward cards to work differently. Here is all you need to know about each one.

Shell Fuel Rewards Card

You use this card only at participating Shell Gas stations and Shell-sponsored promos on their websites. When you pay with your card, you automatically get a price discount on your gas or a statement credit for other purchases. You can:

  • Save 30 cents a gallon on 20 gallons of gas in each of your first five purchases.
  • Save 10 cents a gallon on the first 20 gallons each time you visit a Shell station.
  • Earn a 10% rebate on the first $1,200 of non-fuel purchases you make each year at a Shell station. Shell applies the rebate to your next statement in the billing cycle.
  • Earn rewards for spending $50 at certain restaurants participating in the Shell rewards program.
  • Earn rewards for every $50 you spend at
  • Earn 10 cents a gallon for every $50 you spend on live event tickets through

Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard

You can use this card anywhere that accepts Mastercard, not just Shell stations. Your cash back rewards are:

  • 10 cents a gallon on the first 20 gallons for every purchase you make at a Shell station.
  • 10% Shell statement rebates on non-gas purchases.
  • 2% Shell rebates on dining and grocery shopping. The 2% rebate ends once you spend $10,000 each year on dining and grocery. Some restaurants participate in a Shell program where you get an extra 10 cents a gallon for every $50 you spend.
  • 1% rebate on other shopping up to the same $10,000 limit.
  • An extra 5 cents a gallon if you use your card to buy specially-marked items like gift cards.
  • Specific rewards for using your card to buy $50 through

Cash Back Limitations

You do not get this 1% rebate:

  1. For any non-Shell brand gasoline, you buy.
  2. For business purchases.

Shell Cash Back Promotions

Sometimes Shell offers promotions on its Fuel Rewards Card, so you may be offered up to 30 cents back a gallon on up to 35 gallons on your first five fill-ups at a Shell station, instead of on the first 20 gallons. This promo ends in June 2023.

How to Apply for a Shell Cash Back Rewards Card

Shell cash back cards are issued through Citibank, N.A. You apply for either Shell cash back card by going to Fill in the boxes, then wait up to 4 weeks to get an approval confirmation. Married couples may apply for one each. You must provide your:

  • Name, address, and birthdate.
  • Age (you must be over 18.)
  • Income details, etc.

Citibank reserves the right to contact at least one credit reporting agency to confirm your creditworthiness. This information will also determine your card's credit limit. If you have frozen your credit reports, you should unfreeze them to allow Citibank to gain access to your file.

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