How to Claim Seattle's Rental Assistance In a Few Clicks

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All About Seattle's Rental Assistance Programs

Seattle has one of the highest homeless rates in the nation, and with good reason. The cost of living in Northern Washington is incredibly high, especially for those in King County. The good news is that there are many options in for those who need it. Government and social service agencies offer short and long-term rent help. There are also many churches, non-profits, and other charitable organizations that are also willing to assist with move-in costs, eviction prevention, utility costs, and more.

If you live in the greater Seattle area and need help paying your rent today, knowing how to get rent help from local entities could spare you a tremendous amount of stress and frustration. Although there are numerous resources available for at-risk households and individuals, navigating the local support system can certainly be challenging. Whether you want government rent assistance, funding from the emergency rental assistance program (ERAP), access to low-cost public housing, or a Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher, DoNotPay can help. With the Rental Assistance product from DoNotPay, you can quickly find all of the rental housing assistance programs that fit your profile. You can also successfully submit your applications.

Rental Assistance in Seattle, Washington

There are several basic types of rental assistance available in Seattle, Washington, and throughout the greater King County Area. These include

  1. Assistance with rental deposits and other basic move-in costs
  2. Assistance with past due rents and late fees
  3. Long-term access to affordable housing

Getting is made easier with DoNotPay.

Those who are currently homeless can take advantage of local, rapid rehousing programs. They can also stay in several emergency families or adult shelters that will assist with rehousing and access to other resources. Some agencies offer urgent help paying rent to prevent eviction. Among some of the top companies to call when seeking rent relief in this area are:

NamePhone Number
Catholic Community Services(206) 323-6336
University Churches Emergency Fund(206) 524-7885
Jewish Family Center(206) 461-3240
Salvation Army(206) 783-1225
Hopelink(425) 943-7555
Sound Generations (206) 448 - 3110
Shoreline Community Care (206) 496-3116
Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ (425) 333-4254

Social Service Agencies in Seattle and King County

Many rapid rehousing and eviction prevention programs in the greater King County area are managed by Catholic Community Services and the Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). More importantly, some of the best-funded programs in the region are available by referral only. To secure a referral, you can contact Washington DSHS at (877) 501-2233. DSHS can also assist with food benefits (food stamps), cash aid or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and transportation assistance (ORCA Lift). Many of these same programs can be accessed by contacting King County Public Health at 206‑477‑3977 to request information on local resources for rental assistance.

Contact the Local Housing Authority for Long-Term Rental Assistance

Long-term housing solutions such as access to low-cost public housing, access to affordable housing developments and below-market rentals, and access to HUD rental assistance are handled entirely by local housing authorities. If you live in Seattle, you can contact the Seattle Housing Authority at (206) 615-3300. If you live outside of the City of Seattle but still reside in King County, you should contact the King County Housing Authority instead at (206) 574‑1100.

How to Get Rent Help in Seattle by Yourself

Many Seattle and King County agencies that offer rental assistance have funds that have been earmarked specifically for meeting the needs of at-risk demographics. Because the demand for rent assistance is always high, it is generally best to look for agencies and programs with needs-specific offerings. You can search for agencies, churches, or organizations that cater to:

  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Elderly adults who are at risk for homelessness
  • At-risk youth
  • Recovering addicts
  • Members of the LGBTQ community
  • Disabled or low-income veterans
  • Those with HIV who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • People experiencing financial hardship due to COVID or another public health emergency.

Next Steps if You Can't Get Seattle Rental Assistance on Your Own

Given the consistently high levels of demand for rental assistance in the greater Seattle area, many social service agencies and charitable groups don't accept walk-ins, phone-in applications, or online support applications. Instead, access to their programs and aid is managed by the 2-1-1 community resource line. Thus, if you've already contacted multiple agencies directly and have been unable to get an appointment or any other assistance, try calling 2-1-1 instead. Your call will be answered by a local operator who can give you a referral to several rental housing assistance programs that can meet your needs. You can also ask questions about how to get rent help in the King County area, how long it will take to receive rental assistance, and what documents are necessary for applying.

Use DoNotPay to Get Rent Assistance in Seattle

Using DoNotPay is the easiest way to find and apply for rental assistance in South King County and throughout the remainder of the greater Seattle area. If you're hard-pressed to find urgent assistance with past due rent, late fees, or move-in costs, DoNotPay can get the job done.

How to Apply for Housing Assistance in King County, Washington With DoNotPay

We can compose a letter to your local housing authority based on your situation and inquire about your best options for receiving assistance. Here are the 4 steps:

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  2. Put together a list of your income, debts, expenses, and assets. If you need help accessing information like your credit report, DoNotPay can help you get your report.

  3. Let DoNotPay collect your basic information and compose a letter to your local housing authority requesting rental assistance.

  4. Lastly, DoNotPay will send your letter to your local housing authority.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Rental Assistance in Seattle, WA?

The competition for rental assistance in the Seattle/King County area is fierce. There are many options in rent help available, countless organizations to contact, and greatly varied criteria for qualifying. With the DoNotPay Rental Assistance product, you can find the help you need and successfully navigate the application process in no time.

DoNotPay Works Across All Agencies and Groups With One Click

Many Seattle-based churches and charitable organizations offer funding assistance of just $300 or less. If you need help paying rent to avoid eviction, you'll likely require far more money than this. With DoNotPay, you can apply for rent help from multiple organizations with a single click. DoNotPay works across all agencies and entities with just the push of a button. This is the quickest and most efficient way to take advantage of all of the available resources for rental assistance in the greater King County area.

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