How to Justify a Salary Increase

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Sample Compensation Justification Letter for an Employee 's Salary Increase

Since the beginning of your career, you might have seen that cost of living has risen significantly while your salary has remained stagnant. This is unfair because you are aware of the amount of work that goes into doing your job well. You feel undervalued and demotivated, so you have decided to write a salary increase letter to request a pay raise.

It can be difficult to know how to phrase your . You want to show that you deserve the raise while also trying not to come off as presumptuous or needy. This is hard because, on the one hand, you want to provide reasons why you deserve more money, but on the other, you still want to maintain some humility.

Although it can be hard to determine how to justify a salary increase, it is possible if you put in some research and preparation. DoNotPay can help you write a great salary increase letter that makes a strong case for why you deserve a raise.

Why Do Employers Give Cost of Living Increases?

Typically, cost-of-living raises are given annually to adjust an employee 's salary according to inflation. The is based on the idea that if employees do not receive a raise they risk being unable to afford basic human needs like food and shelter. Employers usually conduct research into cost-of-living increases of their competitors or other companies in their industry. This information is then used to determine whether or not they should give their employees the same type of raise.

How Can I Ask for a Pay Increase?

If you want to ask for a pay increase, it is best to be prepared with facts and statistics that show why you 've earned it. Cost-of-living raises are justified based on inflation, so you should include some information about how much the cost of living has increased in your area over the last year.

A Few FAQs on Salary Increases

How can I justify my request?You should include points both related to inflation and your own track-record at the company:
  • Your position's importance within the company
  • Past accomplishments
  • Research on rising costs in your area
What if I don't get the salary increase?If your company does not accept your pay raise request, there are a few other things you can do:
  • Evaluate your work and see whether or not you deserve a raise based on the company's standards.
  • If possible, ask for additional benefits instead of salary such as better health insurance, more vacation days, or equity.
  • Start looking for new job opportunities with companies that value your work and pay accordingly.

It can be difficult to know how to properly justify a salary increase for an employee because every company is different and has its own standards. However, if you follow directions and take the time to do research, it is possible to write a letter that makes a strong case for why you deserve a raise.

What Should You Put in Your Salary Increase Letter?

Salary increase letters typically include the following:

  1. Personal information about you and your employment history within the company.
  2. Detail of how much more money you want or what kind of salary raise you are hoping for.
  3. Reasons why you deserve a salary increase such as praise from clients, co-workers, and managers.
  4. A request for action on the part of your employer.

An Example of a Salary Increase Letter

Dear [Name],

I have been an employee of Company ABC for six years. Three years ago when I moved into the position of Secretary 2 in the HR department, my salary was $32,000 per year. My increased responsibilities do not match my current compensation.

For example, I now handle all interactions with the finance team, moderate all company conferences, and prepare important documents for travel.

I have worked diligently to enhance the HR department by hiring more employees, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency. I am proud of what I have accomplished this past year, but my salary only increased $1,000 to $33,000.

While I enjoy working at Company ABC, I would like to request a salary increase to $37,000. This will help ensure that I can continue living comfortably and maintaining my standard of living.

I hope you consider this request seriously because I am committed to Company ABC and want to be an integral part of the team for years to come.



How To Submit an Inflation Pay Raise Request Using DoNotPay:

If you want to but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 5 easy steps:

1. Enter the name of your company and supervisor as well as how long you have worked at the company.

2. Select which industry your job position falls under so we can find the right year-over-year wage growth.

3. Enter the salary increase (as a percentage) you would like to ask for. The recommended number is ~6%.

4. List your recent goals and accomplishments to make a more convincing argument for your raise.

5. Choose whether you would like us to email this request to your manager/supervisor on your behalf. If not, we'll generate the request as a PDF that you can deliver to them yourself.

Why Use DoNotPay to Request a Salary Increase

DoNotPay simplifies and demystifies the process of asking for a raise by taking you through each step. T he easy-to-use interface makes it possible for anyone to submit a salary increase request quickly and efficiently without wasting time or risking mistakes.

Can I use DoNotPay to ask for a merit-based or performance-based raise?

DoNotPay can be used to justify a salary increase request by demonstrating what you have accomplished for your company. This includes new clients brought in, projects completed, and tasks mastered.

Is there a limit on how often I can ask for a raise using DoNotPay?

DoNotPay makes it possible to submit as many salary increase requests as you want. You can use it every time you think your company should give you a raise, or just for special occasions like holidays and birthdays.

What Other Things Can DoNotPay Help With?

DoNotPay has a variety of automation tools to help you save time and energy. These tools include:

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