How to Claim Rental Assistance In Riverside County

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How to Get Rental Assistance in Riverside County Easily

With 24 million Americans spending over half of their income on rent, it's no surprise that many people need to reach out for help paying rent from time to time. If you need , DoNotPay has the educational resources and services to help you keep a roof over your head. Read on to learn more.

Rental Assistance in Riverside County, California

Those seeking can ensure they are at the front of the line with the right knowledge. The County of Riverside not only has assistance for low-income renters but also has grants for other urgent housing financial needs, such as:

  • Weatherization
  • House repairs
  • Utility bills
  • Home technology
  • Home-related medical expenses
  • Door-side transportation

The state of California's Housing Authority and related agencies have temporary funding, emergency funding, vouchers, and other funding schemes – about $7.4 billion total in 2022 – set aside for their residents. Some of these funds are given to migrant farm-workers and other immigrants, while some are earmarked for local senior citizens, students, and those with medical and other conditions.

If the idea of getting assistance from the government seems less than ideal, there are also non-profit agencies willing to assist you. The massive Riverside County Community Action Partnership network has governmental and nonprofit resources.

How Do I Apply for Rent Relief in the County of Riverside, California?

Being in one of the largest states (and with its nonstop housing issues), there are many housing and rental benefits for residents of the County of Riverside. Most housing assistance benefits are under the umbrella of HUD rental and other government housing benefits.

Use the following rental assistance resources (mostly governmental, but some non-profit) to discover the services that are right for you.

Name of ProgramType of AidPhone NumberEmail Address
City of Riverside ERARental Assistance(800) 655-1812Link
United LiftRental & Eviction Assistance(442) 334-7923Link
Rental Assistance Program (TBRA)Rental Assistance(951) 826-3938Link
HARIVCOHousing (Section 8)(951) 351-0700 – TDD (951) 351-9844Link
CalWORKsHousing(833) 391-0506Link
Salvation Army Riverside CorpUtility(951) 784-4490Link
CAP Utility AssistanceUtility, Meals(951) 955-4900Link
CAP CaresHousehold Technology(951) 955-4900Link

Who is Eligible for These Programs?

The eligibility requirements are as diverse as Riverside's rental and housing-related assistance programs. Most local government programs are extensions of the federal programs that fund them.

Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program

This program, belonging to the Housing Authority (see ERAP), is for those who have already received housing benefits from the city of Riverside. For first-timers, they direct you to United Lift – see below.

The application process has many eligibility standards such as income qualification, alleging pandemic-related financial loss, a Social Security Number, extensive reporting of private information, maintaining an ongoing relationship with your agency, and other requirements.

United Lift

A subsidiary of Lift to Rise, United Lift provides up to three months of rent payments and up to 12 months of unpaid rent to renters in Riverside County. It is supported by over $57 million from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Those who have already received assistance with United Lift once before are directed to the city of Riverside's ERA program (above).

Riverside County's Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Program (TRBA)

The TBRA is another arm of the Housing Authority, run by the County of Riverside. It is intended for those homeless or at-risk of homelessness and includes move-in assistance and short- and medium-term rental assistance. Their site (see the table above) explains that participation in this program involves home-based "aggressive case management" by the City's Homeless Street Outreach Team.

This program is part of the City of Riverside's "Housing First" initiative, utilizing the HUD-funded Permanent Supportive Housing Program and VA-serving initiatives. The focus is on a homelessness prevention model of social management.

County of Riverside Section 8 Housing Vouchers (HARIVCO)

For long-term housing placement, the County of Riverside employs the familiar Section 8 voucher program for low-income residents. The application has very similar eligibility standards to the ERA program explained above, but with even tighter controls on income verification – essentially, one must be able to prove that they are at, or very near, the federally-determined poverty line. One plus to Section 8 is that you do not have to have a Social Security Number.

CalWORKs Cash Assistance

CalWORKS attempts to prevent and reduce the rising homelessness rate in California with temporary cash assistance for low or no-income families, education and counseling resources, job training, transportation, and much more. Eligibility standards are broader when a child is involved (e.g., has been orphaned, their parent is unemployed or disabled, or an at-risk mother is pregnant).

To make the eligibility determination easier, CalWORKS even has an "Eligibility Technician" to work with you.

Nonprofits and Other Sources

With the biggest being the Salvation Army, church non-profits both local and nationwide (as well as international) have a history of assisting families in need – whether by donations or other generous offerings. It necessitates a personal relationship with church decision-makers and will involve one deeply with the church community.

Other churches known for providing housing and assistance include:

Some sources of non-profit help, such as CAP Riverside, are tied to federal funding requirements – but they have the benefit of using the funds with less oversight. As a result, they may tend to be less exorbitantly and continually funded; yet on the other hand, it's possible to find assistance fueled by private donations.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Rental Assistance?

Due to the breadth and diversity of these programs (and their potential to change according to government regulation), it is necessary to check with each program's staff to determine wait times. Generally speaking, Section 8 programs have long had extensive wait times. Without a streamlined process to help you find the best, quickest housing benefits applicable to your unique situation, it's necessary to be in touch with every agency above – if you want to have the best success. It can be very stressful to wait on their approval for housing benefits, especially for those facing eviction.

How to Find Rental Assistance in Riverside County on Your Own

Essentially, using the data given above to zero in on the exact program that is most likely to help you is necessary if seeking County of Riverside rental assistance programs on your own. Compiling all necessary personal data and submitting online applications is the first line of attack.

After maximizing your applications (which requires filtering out the ones you are ineligible for), you can set your sights on discovering more California programs. Consider how these may be leftover funds in wildfire-relief programs, especially after summer, and explore as many possibilities beyond these resources as you can. Recruit members of your family to broaden your approach and make the most out of learning about your local government.

Seek community resources wherever you can to alleviate bills and other financial burdens so that you can focus your time and energy on finding housing assistance in this crucial time. It is one area of life where seeking assistance from the beginning is not even an option. There is nothing wrong with seeking the best help possible to keep a roof over your head in times of duress.

Outsource All of This Effort to DoNotPay for Stable Riverside Housing

By now, you can see what a labyrinth it is to understand these programs – let alone strategize your approach most effectively. Fortunately, there are many options; but if you are seeking rental assistance now, it's best to immediately streamline the process of finding the best resources you can.

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