Claim Rental Assistance In Oahu, Hawaii In 3 Steps

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How to Claim Rental Assistance Oahu, Hawaii

Millions of Americans are currently facing some of the hardest economic times of their lives which can have a massive impact on things like basic housing security. The ongoing global pandemic is only intensifying the problem in every state. If you live on the island of Oahu, and you're facing mounting rental debt or the threat of eviction, you may qualify for rental assistance from your local Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA). DoNotPay can provide the help you need to take advantage of these much-needed funds.

When you can't afford rent, don't let the overwhelming struggle get the best of you. Finding may be easier than you think! Resources are available to you in the form of Federal public housing (like Section 8 Vouchers) or Hawaii County rent and mortgage assistance programs. You can contact your local Honolulu County HPHA on your own, or easily get the help you need with the Rental Assistance product from DoNotPay.

What Kind of Rental Assistance Is Available in Oahu, Hawaii?

Assistance for American renters has long been available through the Department of Treasury's Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), although the need has increased significantly since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz believes the affordable housing crisis "has exacerbated deep disparities that threaten the strength of an economic recovery that must work for everyone." In 2021 the state of Hawaii received a total of $200 million of government assistance to allocate to residents, including those in Oahu who qualify for Hawaii rental relief.

You can also check them here:

Name of ProgramType of AidPhone NumberEmail
American Rescue PlanRelief for renters and homeownersWashington - (202) 224-3934

Hawaii -

(808) 523 2061


Rental & Utility Relief ProgramPays for past rent and utility bills of the qualified household applicants.(808)
Catholic Charities Hawaii - Housing & Homeless SolutionsHousing Placement(808)

Eligible residents on the island of Oahu can receive help from The City and County of Honolulu's Rental & Utility Relief Program through the One Oahu website. This program can provide up to twelve months of support using the following guidelines:

  • Up to $2,500 a month for unpaid rent and/or utility bills
  • Up to $2,000 for current or future rent payments
  • Up to $500 a month for current or future electricity, water, sewer, or gas bills

Where Else Can I Seek Honolulu Rent Relief?

For residents of the State of Hawaii, rental assistance is not limited to the official RURP. You are allowed to apply for as many assistance programs as you are eligible for, and sometimes they come in the form of local charities or community aid. In Honolulu, or anywhere on Oahu, you can look for additional assistance through the following organizations:

  1. Catholic Charities Hawaii (CCH) assists all Oahu and Maui renters regardless of ethnicity or religious faith. Contact their Oahu office by phone at (808) 521-4357 or email at
  2. OHA's Ka Wailele Emergency Financial Assistance Program is made available to those with Native Hawaiian ancestry suffering financial hardships. Grants provided can cover up to $1,500 for past due rent, mortgage, utilities, and rent deposits.

Hawaii's Office of Public Housing with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has additional information online or by phone: (800) 955-2232.

Who Qualifies for Oahu, Hawaii Rental Assistance?

You could be late on rent for a whole range of reasons, from unexpectedly losing a job to facing an expensive health diagnosis. If you can also link your financial struggles to the pandemic, it may be easier for you to qualify for relief. Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) programs available through The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) are designed to assist households that are unable to pay rent and/or utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're looking for , the Rental and Utility Relief Program (RURP) offered through the city and county of Honolulu adheres to these minimum requirements:

  • Is a resident of Oahu
  • Aged 18 years or older
  • Proof of financial harm from the pandemic
  • A household income at or below 80% annual median income (For a four-person household, that is $96,650 a year or less.)
  • Or, at least one member has been unemployed for 90 days at the time of application.

What Documents Are Needed for the Honolulu RURP Application?

  1. Government-issued photo ID
  2. Social Security numbers for all household members
  3. Proof of Oahu residency
  4. Rent agreement
  5. Past due rent or utility notice.
  6. Pay stubs or Tax documents for Income verification for all household members.
  7. Proof of COVID-19 pandemic-related hardship.

Ready to Apply for the Oahu, Hawaii Rental Assistance Program on Your Own?

If you're an Oahu resident who is struggling to pay rent, DoNotPay wants to help you find the rent relief you deserve. The task can be daunting, especially after the stress of worrying about where your rent money will come from. If you feel empowered and ready to apply for the rental and utility relief program by yourself, you can visit the One Oahu org rent help webpage to get started. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Gather all the required documentation for your application
  2. Visit the City and County of Honolulu's Rental and Utility Relief Program here:
  3. Begin the pre-screening application by clicking the button labeled "Click Here to Apply for Rent Help"
  4. Fill out the necessary forms by providing your name, email, phone, address, last four digits of SS#, qualifying conditions.
  5. Upon submission, you will then be transferred to one of the City and County of Honolulu's partner's websites to submit a full application.
  6. After applying, you will receive a confirmation email from which contains a tracking number to check the status of your application. It may take several weeks to fully process.
  7. Once approved, relief funds for rent are paid directly to the landlord.

Keep in mind that the RURP portal may not always have current openings for relief, but interested applicants should not be discouraged. Be prepared to apply for a future round of applications, which dropped on the first working Monday of each month, as long as the program has funding.

Need Help in Finding a Rent Relief and Housing Assistance Program in Hawaii? DoNotPay Can Do It for You!

Sometimes it takes all your energy and mental capacity just to survive day-to-day. If you still need help finding and asking for rent relief or housing assistance in Oahu, that's okay. You can use the stress-free Rental Assistance product from DoNotPay to get the ball rolling. All you need to do is let us compose a letter to your local housing authority on your behalf. Using the details you provide, DoNotPay will explain your situation and make the best case for you to receive assistance. Here's how it works in four easy steps:

  1. Search for Rental Assistance on DoNotPay.

  2. Put together a list of your income, debts, expenses, and assets. If you need help accessing information like your credit report, DoNotPay can help you get your report.

  3. Let DoNotPay collect your basic information and compose a letter to your local housing authority requesting rental assistance.

  4. Lastly, DoNotPay will send your letter to your local housing authority.

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